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04-17-2013, 01:04 PM
So i think this is probably the right place for this

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Jaid, you're crazy" (you might be right there, mind you). "Why would you be optimistic for bards when all the enhancements are overpriced, so many of them are just downright useless, and there will probably be a million bugs when it's finally released".

Ah, but obviously you don't know bards very well. you see, while the rest of you are staring in dismay at spending 2 action points for +1 to hit or something stupid like that, us bards are thinking "hey wait... does this mean that i don't have to spend twelve AP for +3 to hit now, if everything is going to 2 AP?"

and while you're all busy thinking "hey wait, weren't there supposed to be three lines for each class?", well, us bards are getting two of our PrEs combined... now, you may look at that and think we're getting one less PrE, but have you considered that this means that when you are trying to figure out how to get useful stuff from 3 different lines, we only need to do that for 2 lines mashed together... which means we may actually have *useful* things to spend points on to meet those pesky AP requirements. furthermore, it's going to be one giant utility/CC/healing line that gets this marvellous boost! the core of the bard!

and while you may be thinking "oh man, i have to spend points on useless junk", it just so happens us bards have been doing that for so long, and have been hit so hard with it, that it looks like we're actually getting a comparative boost. i have a hard time believing the devs could come up with something less useful than crit chance for cure spells and sound burst, or a small bonus to saves vs fear added in to inspire courage.

plus, with *rangers* getting access to magical training, odds are good we'll get access... and if not, the elf and half-elf racial lines aren't so bad, so we can just pick up the ranger enhancements!

yessir, things are looking up for us bards!

plus, about those bugs? hah! we've already got those anyways. the rest of you may have functioning PrEs to lose, but not us! every single bard PrE is bugged, and has been for over a year now if i'm not mistaken. who knows, maybe they'll break something so hard that it fixes our PrEs!

Bard: the class so far behind the curve that even your nerfs look good.


So, for serious, while i'm definitely rather tongue-in-cheek here, i'm actually also quite serious. as sad as it is, all the stuff that everyone is complaining about on these boards about the new enhancements... i think, for my bard, i'm actually looking forward to them. i mean, i'm dreading having to redo my other characters. that's gonna be all kinds of painful. but my bard, well, this new system basically doesn't have any problems my bard always deals with, and i think it will actually be less bad if the system went live as-is than it would be if we stuck with live for bards.

i already overpay for enhancements. i'm already forced to take a bunch of useless garbage to progress my abilities. i already have no AP left over for anything cool after my basic bard options and single PrE are chosen. my PrE is already broken anyways, and with both virtuoso and spellsinger going into one line, i'm thinking there are pretty good odds there will actually be enough stuff that i want to spend action points on that it won't hurt so bad.

all of the problems people have with the enhancement alpha are problems that bards suffer from, in many cases to a greater extent, on live right now.

so there you have it folks. a new verb has just been invented. the rest of you just got "barded". hopefully your stay there won't be as long as those of us who have bards on live.

04-17-2013, 01:10 PM
Thanks for making me laugh, though your underlying point is well made.


*Edit* Well +1 tomorrow anyway.

04-17-2013, 01:12 PM
devs already leaked that spellsinger gets magical training on T1 iirc

04-17-2013, 02:37 PM
I was reading along and nodding in agreement, even though it was funny and tongue in cheek. :)

My drow caster-bard is definitely going to see some major improvements with the new system. My elven AA bardcher? Hm, not so much I think.

I had a feeling that spellsinger and virtuoso would be combined. One line for "caster bards" the other for "battle bards".

Now if I could just log in... :mad:

04-30-2013, 12:08 AM
It's funny because it's true!

I am looking forward to fooling around with bard again... for the first time in a long time.