View Full Version : Knock spell / dragonmark DC

04-17-2013, 09:20 AM
Compared to the open lock skill, this spell can open only low DC locks. The formula should be redesigned to give us a chance to improve it.

Open Lock: 28 ranks +X dexterity + 1d20
Knock spell: 25 CL + X ability + 1d20

Open lock of course gets a TON of items/abilities to increase it:
+7 tools + 20 competence +5 enhancement +6 greensteel +4 morale +2 luck +5 action boost +6 epic twist, plus a bunch of others

* Base it on the Spellcraft skill?
* Let the spell/dragonmark consume tools as optional component?

Possibly something convoluted like:
spellcraft base ranks (or character level for dragonmark) + int/cha + 1d20 + competence bonus to open lock item + enh.bonus to open lock item +6 int/cha skills item +4 morale +2 luck +5 action boost +6 epic twist

Basically, make it a skill check so that we can use all the skill increasing bonuses.

04-17-2013, 11:31 AM
Hmm...interesting issue.

Not sure I like your specific solutions, though. How about an alternate (and, I think, simpler) suggestion?

Casting Knock gives you a bonus to the Open Lock skill, say +1 per caster level, for 20 seconds (or whatever time period).

Then, everything that currently puts the skill ahead will apply equally to both.

Knock-casters will need to carry tools, unlike now, but with a +skill item, will be able to reach much higher DCs than currently.