View Full Version : Change slayers !!!

04-15-2013, 01:49 PM
Idk about anyone else but the change to slayers is annoying i have to constantly pay attention to the timer to get anything out of it !!!

It's op as hell in fotw , I can hit mobs with a pin shot and then crack them for 48,000 points of dmg a piece as well as hit bosses for over 20k in one volley !!

Outside of fotw it feels extremely underwhelming i used to use a many shot and get multiples of 500 , Now i use a manyshot and get 1.8k to 2.k of slayer dmg and then nothing till it's worth using with manyshot again , Don't get me wrong with a 2 minute timer im using it inbetweeen but still im just not that sure if it's as effective as it used to be .

Side note some of the tactical shots from the line are pretty weak in dmg numbers . Are they trying to push AA into the cc/support roll of archery ? I mean look at shiradi champion alone .

And they could of gave some aoe affects on the imbues .