View Full Version : Can we get a class tree for enhancments !!

04-15-2013, 12:50 PM
So i recently jumped on too lamma and tested out a Pure 20 Ranger AA . Im not gunna ask why there isn't this or that cause it's obvious it's by your design , At the same time i want to address the need for a separate class enhancement window , It seems like class doesn't matter much as it used to when it comes to terms of power and utility . Everything that was once general to a class became part of one of there prestige lines . So the only thing that looks the same on my ranger now is the spells , Which there still the same 65 -70 % useless spells but that's for a later topic !!

Idk about most people but when i thought of the enhancement pass i thought of the same enhancements reorganized into a new tree system . I was hoping you guys would do a good job of removing things that were useless / didn't work / underwhelming , And add too the tree's and classes that needed it the most !! for the most part i think you have done a nice job so far with a little less the half the stuff needing a rework and a second thought .

I can't figure out yet how you would implement it but that's your job anyway !!

I know the ap's right now are tight with the idea of loosening em up as alpha progresses .

Just a quick personnel thought on how it could work would be to make a scroll down on the race window to open up the class window or vice versa , While leaving the other windows for original design . I know alot of people who read this will say we already don't have points to spend on making are builds , That's why i would hope they would add something extra as we level specifically for class enhancements only while leaving our 80 ap to spend on prestige enhancements and race enhancements . Which hopefully the core abilities of the trees will not need ap like they said was the original intent outside of race lines .

Anyway criticism is welcome , And maybe someone can do something better then me with this idea !!!!