View Full Version : Big + for Turbine - hope Ill see it on live

04-15-2013, 09:51 AM
Thats not a sarkasm:

1. Currently on live - 1st log in = red connect and every time I need to exit ddo and turn it on again -> and loadings are veeery long. This situation is on from sth like update 14. Never got to log in for the first time from at least 3-4 months. Half of my guildies were the same. Reinstalling DDO did not help.
Lammania - was like above earlier. from this update loading is shorter but ALSO logging in first time is good... no red connect and I dont have to restart.
I dont know what u did but if it goes live Ill be more than happy.

2. First time I saw a gateway at marketplace -> maybe I just did not notice it earlier but... it would be sweet to have this kind of shorts to every place. And xp pots and gear... well this we wont see live for sure :P Not even hgopng for it.
But short like that to most importantn quests would be great addition to game. Also storin all usefull vendors and trainers together - awesome idea.
Also fvs trainer can FLY :D I love it. Even if its Lamma only - I love it :).

So anyway thanks for both. I hope 1 will go on live and maybe some day some part of 2nd will go on live too :).