View Full Version : Partial Spellcraft Solution: Tie Stat to Prestige

04-14-2013, 02:02 PM
So, i've read most of these threads on the spellcraft/heal thing and completely agree that there is something seriously wrong to these stats being solely int/wis based respectively. Also, the idea that divines, or sorcs could need to invest in possibly 2 more skills is a little worrisome as well.

As a solution to the first concept, people have suggested that we make spellcraft use the highest of int, cha, or wis. And at first i was on board with this idea as it would even it out at least somewhat. However, after thinking about it, why not make an innate ability in the pre tree that automatically changes the stat you use for spellcraft from int to that of the main stat from the pre. That way the spell power gained from spellcraft is directly tied to your pre.

I would even say that this could extend to non caster stats, i.e. a warchanter has less need for wis and derives most of his abilities from strength as it is. What if when choosing w/c pre u get the option to change your heal skill stat to str or con, str being preferred, but con making more sense to me. Bards get their power from within, like sorcs, its a natural ability that they can summon. So, for a physical bard, why would that not come from his physical strength/fortitude as well.

This could also transfer over to divines. It makes sense that a divine that worships a combat diety, that the diety would grant more power and ability to a follower of his that is more physically powerful and combat oriented. So, for a battle cleric or lord of blades, why would their heal/spellcraft ability not be modified by str/con as well.

Again, for druids in a melee pre, same thing.

Tying this to your specific prestige not only makes the playing field fair and makes all builds more viable and capable, it still limits someone to follow a certain path with their character. The precedent is there from ed's, and I see this solving most of the problems without creating any exploits or other problems.

This however, does not solve the SERIOUS problem that sorcs and divines, now have to take 2 additional skills in skill/feat starved classes. For this, i can only propose that we get more granted skill points per level, but that seems like a little too off track. Hopefully someone has an idea for this one. Also gonna propose this idea in a fresh thread, if you agree, please feel free to sign there.