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04-13-2013, 09:03 AM
At -10 hp players .....die.

I always thought since day one that one of the advantages of taking a higher
con stat would to have not only more hit points for survivability but a lasting
longer when dead. sure roll a d20 and you stabilize on a 1 is all good and all...
but wouldn't CON stat have some bonus on this effect or even better could not
players with higher con go into a higher negative....like if you CON is 28 (+9) bonus
could there not be a formula me made where you could go into negatives based on
your CON bonus like x3 so in this case -10+ (+9x3) =-37. throw in a level bonus +2hp
per level so a level 15 player with 28 con would actually go -67. Hell even based on
your class this bonus could be effected the melee vs the mage debate.

Ok now the cool part.....make it so Barbs under the effect of Barb Rage or Past life
rage not be incapacitated on reaching 0.... They instead on reaching their negative
flat out die. Or if the rage wears off while below 0 they die.


04-13-2013, 09:35 AM
They added a human enhancement for dying at lower hp

called don't count on me

if you actually wait for barb to come out, you might get something similar