View Full Version : My experience with slaying arrows so far

04-12-2013, 02:36 PM
Slaying arrows still pretty good - At least when in fury.

Wandered around in GH wilderness for a little while. I generally do ~50-60 a shot with a epic shatterbow I picked up.

Adrenaline+Slaying arrow generally crits for 5k+ without damage boost, saw a 6.4k without damage boost on a 20, and remember seeing a 9k one too (but can't remember if it was with damage boost or not - assuming it was).
I also got a extra shot adrenaline slaying arrow, getting 2 hits of ~5k each, instantly oneshotting a rednamed in here. So I'm thinking new slaying arrows are pretty good, and might even make me go AA over DWS if I make a ranger archer.

Note though that I don't have much experience with high dps fury builds, so if 5-10k per adrenaline pop is usual then disregard this - I have never seen a hit above 2.5k before now though I think (with my crappy builds, and crappy gear, etc.)
Also note that I haven't had a capped AA before, or any capped archer for that matter

04-12-2013, 02:50 PM
Just tested some more, found that it procs on all 4 hits on manyshot. So realistically you are looking at ~20k instant damage in 1 volley if you adrenaline manyshot slaying arrow. Makes me sad to think about how AA has a better sniping ability than what previously was called deepwood SNIPER. Personally I think the current slaying arrow should be a tier 5 DWS ability called sniper shot :/