View Full Version : First set of changes to the overall system

04-12-2013, 05:28 AM
1) Make the core tier abilities autogrants rather than cost AP. Mostly its just bad design to have this look so much like ED trees yet not function in the same way. Secondly this frees up some AP making the other too costly tiers easier to purchase.

2) Change "points spent in tree" to the same number of points "spent in total" AND half the number "spent in tree". So "40 points spent in tree" would instead be "40 points spent in total and 20 points spent in tree". That way the tree structure still matters some but without trees completely locking each other out. Sure, it would be nice to completely remove the "in tree" part but then there is no point in organising things in trees.

3) Make 4 rather than 3 trees possible. It is simply to restrictive to multiclassing to only allow 3 trees.

Once thats done the next set of fixes can than target the individual costs, abilities etc - but without fixing the overall system first it becomes a horrible mess.