View Full Version : Test Dojo on Lamannia

04-11-2013, 11:02 AM
The Test Dojo is now open on Lamannia!

This is a Grand Experiment! I sincerely believe that this will be a beneficial addition to Lamannia: it will allow you to easily gear (at least suitably) and level your characters. The Kobold room also provides a handy area to test out abilities! However, if Lamannia comes crashing down because of this, we will have to close the Test Dojo and return to the old ways.

What is the Test Dojo?
The Test Dojo is a magical place designed to make our lives easier! You can find trainers, Lord Poincelot, The Guide, The Fatespinner, Fred, Kruz, an auctioneer, a banker, a mailbox, treasure, platinum, various vendors, and more in the Test Dojo!

How do I get to the Test Dojo?
There is a door to the Test Dojo near the Trainers in the Marketplace.

What exactly can I find in the Test Dojo?
The following is a detailed list of what is available in the Test Dojo:

Teletporter to the Market
Stacks of Platinum that respawn
Khyber and Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
The Test Quiver (“A very large test quiver.”)
Meepo: a vendor with the NEW Augments
Lord Poincelot (Your friendly Turbine Point giver)
Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny Guild Crystal Vendors
Soul Gem Vendor
Potion Peddler
Hireling Vendors
Scroll Vendor
Clothing Brokers
Weapon Brokers
Jewelry Brokers
Armor Brokers
Trainers for each Class
Kruz: Reincarnation Trainer
Daily Challenge Tokens
The Guide: Experience NPC
Eldritch Altars (They are very tiny and are in the corners of the room)
Draconic Runes
A Room filled with loot (There is a lever on the wall that you have to activate for the Loot to spawn. This lever is on a Timer. When the spawned Loot disappears, you can pull the lever again.)
A Room with Test Kobolds (Low CR Kobolds with 10,000 HP)
Another room filled with cabinets with loot
A room with entrances to The Titan Awakes, Zawabi’s Revenge, and Plane of Night