View Full Version : Returning player

04-08-2013, 02:57 PM
Havent played since abbot update (when no one could beat it)

So I have questions....

I realize everything is "limited"..I tried to run some instances to get the feeling back but only found out I couldnt run anything.

I also remember back then, there was talk about how favor could buy content. I remember favor grinding being fairly popular when it was P2P. Is this true? or is it all lost?

I wanted to test out how it was F2P first before considering P2P again...any insights would be good.

04-08-2013, 03:31 PM
I'm VIP myself, but this looks like a useful reference for you:


04-08-2013, 03:55 PM
This page (http://ddowiki.com/page/Account_comparisons) also compares account options.