View Full Version : More Storage ideas here plz!

03-18-2013, 05:58 AM
Post your ideas for more storages here!

- Make those pets even more useful by muling them out: give the beasts 10 storage to start out with and make it more as it levels up.

- Give me a bag of baggings (and call me Bilbo): One bag that stores other bags. Doesn't even have to be a bag, just something to store the bags.

- A private chest at the guild ship, rented with astral shards of course.

- An account cache accessible from the login screen and from within the game, make the inventories and bank storage accessible from the login screen as well.

- A weapons rack: something to store the weapons we find in game on.

- A walk-in closed for the dresses we put on. Ok, it's an armor storage: to put all armors nicely in one spot.

- A jewelery box or a save for all the rings, necklaces and what ever jewelery we can put on.

- A suitcase for all the clothing we have.

- A horse, a camel or some sort of animal to mule our belongings around. Give it a cart while your at it.