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03-17-2013, 07:05 PM
So I finally got enough Turbine Points to acquire the Warforged Class.

I've looked, clicked, and scrolled through the large majority of docents available to this class.

My questions is, which ones should I be on the look out for, which ones are easy to get, and ones that require more of a grind.

The class I plan to use the WF race include, Artificer, and Wizard/Sorcerer.


03-17-2013, 09:59 PM
Docent choice is generally worse than armor/robe choices.

the Blademark Docent (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Blademark%27s_Docent) is a good place to start.

The unsuppressed Quorforged Docent of Battle (http://ddowiki.com/page/Quorforged_Docent_of_Battle_%28unsuppressed%29) is probably still ok.

If you are around for mabar, the ML 20 or ML 24 Docent of Shadow (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Docent_of_Shadow_%28Level_24%29) are pretty good.

The Dragonscale Docents (http://ddowiki.com/page/Dragonscale_Armor) are also worth looking at.

and the XXXcraft Example (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Giantcraft_Docent) are useable at ML10, before dragon scale.

03-17-2013, 10:12 PM
For an artificer get two of the docents from one of the lordsmarch quests, they can cast stoneskin on you or pet when hit. Its great for a tank pet. Gorgons docent might be the name.

Can't say i know of any caster type ones, never really played a warforged caster myself. My arti was human and i loved the extra damage boost.

03-18-2013, 12:56 AM
Level 1-4: Docent of Invulnerability
Level 5-?: Blademark's Docent

Some decently easy docents to get are the following. I believe all three are ML20.

Ancient Gemstone, Epic Blademark's Docent, Stoneheart

03-18-2013, 01:01 AM
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03-18-2013, 07:47 AM
Depending on the style of caster you're playing you'll get different answers. If you are TRing into an arcane caster, I'll give the following advice before going into docents:

Grind your Epic Destinies until you can have at least a Teir 4 (10 fate points) and Tier 1(2 fate points) Twist. Unlock Draconic Incarnation (DI) to level 4 for Energy Burst. Unlock Shiradi Champion all the way

I usually level as an earth savant (Sorc) and then LR to air savant when I can take Savant III (level 18 (pure sorc) or 20 (2 pally/monk splash). When LRing MAX your Force Lines if you're planning on going Shiradi and take only what you need for Air Savant III (7/5/5 IIRC) so you get Wind Dance (Wings) and Knockdown Immunity.

Now that I've played Air Savant in Epic Content, it is FAR Superior to Earth when running Shiradi ED. When running Draconic I prefer Earth Savant, but until Shiradi is Nerfed I'm sticking with Shiradi Air Savant w/ 2 Pally Splash. (Shiradi Archmage seems to be a good build too - haven't tried it yet personally) See The Mechadi Champion Build (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=403278) for more info

On To Docents - (Note: If TRing, get the BOLD BLUE ones as they are fairly easy to acquire)

Level 2 is easy enough to get so I'll skip whatever you're wearing at Level 1

ML2 - Diabolist's Docent (Chronoscope; Summon Monster III, Int +3, Conjuration Focus)
ML5 - Blademarks Docent (Tide Turns, upgraded from Tarnished; +3, Lifeshield, Invulnerability)
ML8 - Docent of Acid - (The Pit (rare drop); +4, Conjuration Focus, Corrosion +48, NEW green Aug Slot w/ +10 Acid resist) THIS DOCENT IS A MUST FOR EARTH SAVANTS
ML8 - Gorgon Docent (Eyes of Stone; +4 Gorgon Breath (Stone to Flesh), Con+4, Earthen Guard (Chance to cast Stoneskin when hit))
ML10 - Elfcrafted Docent (Elven Rune Turn-In; +3, Evocation Focus, Arcane Lore, Minor Spell Pen VII) THIS DOCENT IS A MUST FOR ICE/FIRE/AIR SAVANTS
ML 14 - Blue Dragonscale Docent (20 Blue Dragonscale Turn-In; +5, Potency +52, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Pen VII, Lightning Resist 30)
ML 18 - Quorforged Docent of Battle/suppressed (Mindsunder/Dreaming Dark; +5, Construct Fortification, Con +6, Improved False Life, Will Save -2, Suppressed Power)
ML 18 - Quorforged Docent of Battle/Unsuppressed (Mindsunder/Dreaming Dark; +5, Construct Fortification, Con +6, Superior False Life, Toughness, Will Save -2, Suppressed Power)This Docent is a MUST for getting from Lev 18-20
ML 20 - Epic Blademark's Docent (Sentinals of Stormreach Grind)
ML 20 - Ancient Gemstone Upgraded to War Wizards (The Lost Thread/The Darkening End Reward; Upgraded to War Wizard Set w/ Eveningstar Turn-ins)
ML 22 - Stone Heart (Trial by Fury, Shufarix and Tsirrik chest; +8 Con or Cha version depending on other equipment, Upgrade with War Wizard Turn-ins +375 PDK Favor)

Stone Heart w/ War Wiz upgrade is Best Docent In Game for casters until you can get either of the following:

ML 23: Cormyrian Green Dragonscale Docent
ML 25: Flawless Blue Dragonscale Docent

Which you grind for will depend on your play style and the time/money you want to spend on farming Green Scales - which drop from the Green Dragon in Don't Drink The Water and Kings Forest Green Dragon They also go for about 300-500K in AH. Blue is much easier to get since Tor EH Drops 1-2 and EE Drops 2-3. They go for 40k-100K in AH.

03-18-2013, 11:50 AM
Beholder plate, fleshmakers & infused chaos docents are pretty decent too, and if you stick the +10 reflex save thing on them they can be handy for an arty to assist with traps that have boxes on the far side. The beholder plate docent especially is great on the artificer's dog too for the occasional antimagic proc, particularly if you have some decent effects like cursespewing, destruction or shattermantle on the collar for a universal automated debuffer.