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03-14-2013, 06:47 AM
Not sure if this has been suggested before but there is one thing that I think would make forming pug groups a lot better and easier.

My idea is for some sort of icon, similar to the class icon, that defines what role your toon is able to play.

As a healer druid there have been two common accurances. One is that I am forced to have all the LFM's showing as I cannot filter them out because people do not list druid for a healer spot. I also have to send a tell informing the group leader that I am a healer before they will accept me. Second, I will join groups and tell the leader I am a healer, and they will either ignore me completly or not believe me. They then group a FvS or a Cleric to fill the healer role. Now I do not overly mind this as I can easily switch to CC or DPS roles, but I can do that aswell as being a primary healer and in these instances we actually end up taking 2 capable healers when we could have taken more specialised DPS or CC or a Bard or a Rogue.... I think you get the point.

If we had some sort of icon or symbol that players could toggle for their toon, then it would make life so much better in DDO. The beauty of this game is the versatile builds and styles for every single class. And this is ever expanding and increasing as that is the direction in which you developers like to take the game. Kudos for that. But the class icons are now limiting us to the streotypical views of our chosen class. For example, if I join a group on my monk, they expect DPS. But, my monk is actually a fully spec and geared tank with 150AC and 1000HP. But how does anyone know this until I join a group or send them tells...

I personally do not like opening up a pug group to druids because I never know what I am going to get. The druid symbol tells you exactly nothing about the toon. Are they a Caster? Melee? DPS? Tank? CC? Healer? Jedi Master? It is bad that a player who plays the druid 90% of the time while ingame, loves the druid and understands just how powerful they can be, won't even list them as wanted in an LFM. I will group them if they apply and I have spaces for anything. But it is a lottery.

A game that prides itself on the versatility of each class needs something like this.

03-14-2013, 06:53 AM
Couple of questions.

Where does the icon fit? Next to the class symbol on the party hp-bar? On the "wanted classes" in LFMs?
Who gets to assign roles to classes. What role you're able to fill in a group is contextual, both to the quest and to the other players, does each player just assign it on the fly, is it somehow calculated from your skills, abilities, class and level makeup? Should it take into account equipment and consumables?

03-14-2013, 06:58 AM
You are saying it's not about how people perceive your toon but how your toon is built. I agree there, but it's also about how you want to play your toon.
You could very well play your "high AC/PRR/HP" monk agressively with dual stuns.

I don't disagree with your idea but it would be difficult to implement.

Unless.. we were able to chose the icon that defines our characters best.
Ex: an agressive fvs that doesn't like healing others (and that's imo entirely fine in a game where every class can be self sufficient) could pick up the "Caster" Icon, but he'd still have to send a tell to the party leader to tell him he will not be healing. See what I mean? In the end, I think it's best to /tell the party leader and to give him the basics.
In your case: "High defenses monk w/ decent DPS/tactics".

03-14-2013, 06:58 AM
But the only problem I see for druids in specific, is that we can easily switch roles with no more than a quick pass by the epic trainer. I may apply to a group looking for a healer, but end up filling the CC role.

How do you explain that to anyone that has not personally played a druid? If I apply to a group looking for something I know my druid is capable of, but not listed on the LFM, I send a tell before applying. When I have an LFM posted, and I need a specific role filled, and an druid applies, I send a tell asking for what role they intend to play. I do the same for FVS, to be sure they <insert role here>.

Even people I run with on a regular basis still are not sure of what the druid is capable of, I switch roles so often. They have learned to ask questions, and accept that if I say I am capable of something, to trust me. I err on the side of caution, so I will not say I can do something I am not absolutely positive of. I am not sure an icon to click on will help this very much. I think it will still require communication.

03-14-2013, 07:00 AM
does each player just assign it on the fly, is it somehow calculated from your skills, abilities, class and level makeup? Should it take into account equipment and consumables?

Obviously, if it ever was to be implemented, it would have to be assigned by the player. For the simple reason it would take time for Turbine to develop such a thing and no revenue out of it.

03-15-2013, 12:22 PM
What I am proposing is that we have some way in which we can toggle or select what our primary/prefered role is for the toon in which we are playing, and for other people to be able to see this.

I have two ideas of how this could be implemented.

1) Like with the pvp markers there could be a colour coded ring around your class icon. It could be as simple as white = healer, red = dps, black = tank and blue = trapper. The group could even filter the group/raid list to put us in order of these with a tank being placed first in the group, followed by dps, trapper and healers at the end. That way it would be easy for everyone to see who are the healers, who is the tank just at a glance. I am thinking of it to work with a simple tick box on the character page where I for example, could tick the box for healer on my druid. And I would then have a white ring around my druid class icon.

2) Another way I think it could be done is for a info box to appear if you mouse over a toons name in the group list and when they apply to join a group. Like when you do with an item, except the only info in there would be your selected primary/prefered role. You won't be able to see who is doing what in your group at a glance like the first idea, but this idea could include a more in depth breakdown. It could list secondary roles your character could perform if needed and would allow for a more complex planning of a group. For example if you have a toon that has tank as there primary role, but also has dps ticked as secondary. You know you could accept another tank and have the one you already have just do dps.

I am sure there are other ways it could be implemented. I would be happy just to have something tbh.