View Full Version : A little request for the future (show TWF some love)

02-27-2013, 11:56 AM
So I heard about a new expansion. That's possible a good thing, and it's a good time for begging :)

Last expansion (and updates after) didn't bring a nice khopesh for us TWF khopesh wielders. I mean, I was really excited when I saw a new khopesh on U16, but when I REALLY saw it I felt like crying! The 2.5d8 are great on a khopesh, the +7 is nice, and the cosmic is amazing (3d8 force damage). Being wood is not amazing (not much rust monsters at that level hey?), adamantine dr breaker is nice. But for it to be a serious weapon it should end here.

When I saw the Greater Stone Prison I even though "great", thinking about a nice dc on it. I was wrong, dc33. So it means in every 1000 attacks, on susceptible mobs, I can imprison 2,5 monsters. So I have to grind a quest on Epic Elite to get a weapon with an ability useless since level 16?? REALLY?? I thought it was a joke, I think it is, even today.

So, as a good member of DDO, for some 4/5 years now, I ask the devs: give some love to us khopesh users. Bring back the khopeshes from the tomb on the next expansion :)