View Full Version : Greater Mountain Stance at level 12 - Is this what will happen?

02-26-2013, 08:23 AM
At level 12 I am going to take the Improved Critical Bludgeoning Feat. I think that this will make my Crit Range with the Handwraps 19-20 instead of just 20.

I will also take Greater Mountain Stance, for additional hp, higher AC, and PRR. But this stance also seems to add 1 to my crit multiplier? So will this mean that on rolls of 19-20 my handwraps will do x3 damage instead of x2?

I am also wearing the Jitz bracers, which I think will increase the handwraps base damage from 2.5 d6 each to 3d6 each (in Mountain stance). And the offhand will proc 60% of the time for an additional attack. (80% at level 15 when I can finally take Greater TWF.) Cleave will make the handwraps do 4d6 and Great Cleave 5d6. I can switch to Fire Stance when I need to heal (I also have Human Rec 1 and 2 and Monk Rec 1,2,3).

I have a Melee Alacrity robe now for + 10% attack speed, so that should help too. And I will probably use the Vampiric Stonedust Handwraps, but it seems like they will do less damage than other options.

I am level 11, rank 2 right now, and can't wait till I get to 12. Does this sound like a decent plan for level 12?

Thanks for the advice.

02-26-2013, 09:38 AM
Yep you'll have 19-20/x3 crits on your unarmed attacks, it's pretty nice :)

It'll also boost the crit multiplier on other weapons while centered, but only on 19-20 rolls.. so if you're centered and using something else with a greater crit range only some of your crits will be boosted... earth stance 3 is part of why monk quarterstaff users are popular, as weapons such as rahls might, sireth & the stout oak walking stick with the right combination of feats & destinies can be very powerful while retaining a load of the monk goodies :) Even more exotic things like monks using whirling steel strike plus the Oathblades can be very nice too.