View Full Version : 2 new/upgraded weapons

02-22-2013, 11:02 AM
I would want these weapons to be around the DPS of CiTW (blizarde, nightmare...)

I dont know how to calculate DPS so please help me get these weapons to the DPS values of the fully ugraded CiTW weapons.


The first weapon that I feel fits my taste is sourced from the Bloody Hooked Blade from Attack on Stormreach chain

The Epic Elite version of Epic Bloody Hooked Blade: (or just a new weapon "Lifedrinker")

+7 Khopesh / +7 Scimitar:

DPS: (new) Vorpal

Utility: Superior Bodyfeeder (30 temp hit points on crits)
Exceptional Seeker +5 (under utility as it saves a item slot)

Augment: Purple augment slot

(Possible additions if DPS is still too low for a top Epic Elite weapon – maiming, (improved) cursespewing, or debilitating


The second weapon is a marriage between TImeblade and Epic Sorroco. The idea is to take a basic longsword and make it an ultimate AOE, CC machine.

I originally was thinking tempestuous and cloudburst, but went sonic focused instead.

The Epic Elite version of Epic TImeblade (or just new weapon Swiftblade):

+6 Longsword

DPS: 7% doublestrike, shrieking, screaming, improved roaring, cacophonic, soundburst (procs on every natural 20)

Utility: Superior Parrying
Freedom of Movement
Epic Telekinetic
Time warp - You are able to slow time around you

(Once every 120 seconds can cast timewarp, duration is 20 seconds)

Whenever an enemy enters into your time bubble they must make a will save of 50 or greater every 2 seconds or be under the influence of the slow spell effect while inside the time bubble and as long as the time bubble is active.

Augment: Orange augment slot