View Full Version : DDO store Menace of the Underdark pack is a ripoff

02-16-2013, 11:23 AM
So I bought the basic pack in teh store figuring it would unlock the expansion minus the druid and maybe some other novelties. Suprise surprise it doesn't include epic destinies, now to actually use the content I bought for 2k turbine points as it was intended, I'll have to shell out another 1k turbine points.

After I made this store purchase I stumbled upon this:


In the market I could have got the same thing for nearly half the price.

I mean, I considered contacting customer support to maybe get a refund on points, or to maybe get my money back so I can buy it through the market, but I doubt that will happen and would rather not waste my time following up on support tickets or w/e the route is I would have to take for something that will probably not happen.

SO that is my negative feedback, now I offer you a suggestion.

If you are going to sell stuff for less on the market, maybe put a very obvious link in the DDO store item pointing you to the market to get it for cheaper if you are spending real $$. The manner the expansion is currently listed in the store, without indication that you can buy it for cheaper (with the destinies) on the market, screams greed and ripoff to me.