View Full Version : VIP purchase limitation on classes?

02-16-2013, 05:00 AM
this week's sales in DDO store include classes like monks and FVS;

as a subscriber, i am aware that i have temporary access to certain classes like monk,but in case i may go premium someday(im not playing DDO as everyday routine and my play time is really not so scheduled),and some extra TP at hand,i decided to grab the discount.

but when i go to the store,i cannot find the P2P classes except the FVS and artificer which i had unlocked through Favor.later i found out that the store had "filtered" the other classes for me,by clicking a tiny "browser all items icon"(or what the ****), it showed the other classes i wished to purchase,then a little red-lined word told me that i cannot buy it!

this is frustrating,after consulting in game GM, who kindly submitted a ticket for me and like 4 days time, i was told that i cant buy discounted classes while i am a VIP subscriber! this is rediculous! VIPs are banned from discounted items?! the excuse they gave me is to prevent "mis-purchase" from VIPs(simply toss a confirming window declaring that VIPs have access to them while purchasing will do,no need to ban it)

but how about the FVS class (which i too have access to,and permanantly)they showed me in the front page?! dont they think there is "mis-purchase" possibility too?!

I feel strangely disadvantaged in this DDO store"VIP purchase limitation",I should be able to buy something that I only have temporary ownnership and make it mine permenantly(and the discount others can enjoy),please discuss this issue and give us a constructive feedback.

02-17-2013, 01:38 AM
First, line breaks are a good choice when writing. They lessen eye strain.

VIPs are banned from discounted items?!

Not true. ViP's are banned from buying things that are included in ViP. The reasoning? To prevent people from buying something they already have access to.

No discussion necessary, this has been brought up a thousand times before and Turbine isn't going to change it.