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02-12-2013, 02:25 PM
Hello fellow DDOians I'm posting this in hopes of a little assistance in improving our party line-up (doesn't need to be perfect we just want to not be useless) but first a little background were gonna be playing TOEE in a slightly odd way with each party member being played by a different person and any discussion while in-game done by the party face will be acted out like a normal PnP game and combat each "player" makes their own combat action. This has so far worked quite well in IWD1/2 and we hope it continues in TOEE.

Anyways that aside here's the party...thanks to the CO8 mod I was able to increase the party size to 8 so I can allow the players who have recently joined our PnP group to participate as well.

Oh and main questions are what should the druid name herself (we have a few ideas she wanted to see what you guys say), whats the best level spread/order for the Bard/Rogue he wants to be the face/trapsmith/buffer/stabby from behind guy and lastly will the halfing monk do less fist damage because he's small aside from those three were also open to any suggestions you may have.

1 Lawful Good Male Human Fighter - Gabriel Fireheart
| -Weapon: Glaive
| -Feats:
| -Fighter 1: Power Attack/[Cleave]/Toughness
| -Fighter 2: [Combat Expertise]
| -Fighter 3: Weapon Focus (Glaive)
| -Fighter 4: [Weapon Specialization (Glaive)]
| -Fighter 6: Mobility/[Dodge]
| -Fighter 8: [Improved Critical (Glaive)]
| -Fighter 9: Spring Attack
| -Fighter 10: [Whirlwind Attack]

Gabriel is basically as close to being a paladin as you can get w/o actually being a Paladin and in these types of games Paladins seem to be forced to be lawful stupid with things such as turning down rewards and becoming fallen stupidly easy so we avoid it so for all intensive purposes of roleplaying he's a Paladin although the extra feats don't hurt.

2 Chaotic Good Male Half-Orc Barbarian - Baer
| -Weapon: Spiked Chain
| -Feats:
| -Barbarian 1: Spiked Chain Prof
| -Barbarian 3: Power Attack
| -Barbarian 6: Cleave
| -Barbarian 9: Great Cleave

Baer is a Half-Orc who believes his other half is actually Bear and in PnP games I tend to grant him the ability to talk to bears...he's a fairly simple character but he does well roleplaying it oh and spaking of that were pretty sure theres a little dwarf blood running through him as well based on the players portrayal :P

3 Lawful Good Female Half-Elf Cleric - Keirla
| -Weapon: Heavy Mace+Shield
| -Feats:
| -Cleric 1: Scribe Scroll
| -Cleric 3: Brew Potion
| -Cleric 6: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
| -Cleric 9: Craft Wondrous Item

One of the two girls in our group and she loves playing "leader" type characters (her fav 4e class is Ardent which is more or less the psionic version of cleric) shes admittedly one of our weaker roleplayers but she's improving quite rapidly...shes very open to suggestion on her build as long as she's a healer

4 Lawful Good Male Halfling Monk - Troi Lightfoot
| -Weapon: Fists
| -Feats:
| -Monk 1: [Stunning Fist]/Dodge
| -Monk 2: [Combat Reflexes]
| -Monk 3: Improved Initiative
| -Monk 6: [Improved Trip]/Mobility
| -Monk 9: Spring Attack

The player controlling Troi is one of our newest members and neither him nor I really know his preferred play style so It's possible I may be removing this character later and using console commands to catch him up to the rest of party but for now he just wants to play a monk who punches things so is quite open to suggestion

5 Chaotic Good Male Human Rogue/Bard - Santhist
| -Weapon: Dual Bastard Swords
| -Feats:
| -1: B-Sword Prof/TWF
| -3: Power Attack
| -6: Cleave
| -9: Great Cleave

Ah Santhist...he always has the same name and play either a Bow User or a TWF and 99% of the time is an elf only reason he's not here is the extra feat was needed. On the other hand the player of santhist is scary good at roleplaying and despite always having a similar frame his characters are vastly different.

6 Neutral Good Female Human Druid - ???
| -Weapon: Q-Staff or Sling
| -Feats:
| -Druid 1: SF: Conj/Augment Summoning
| -Druid 3: Natural Spell
| -Druid 6: Craft W-Item
| -Druid 9: Craft A/A

The second female to join our little group and just as new as troi's player she is currently playing a psychotic sorceror in our PnP game so wants to play a nicer character here and liked the idea of a summoner type character as well so we figured druid would work best since its still a spellcaster, has different spells (divine as opposed to arcane) and tends to lean towards the side of nice IMHO

7 Chaotic Good Male Dwarven Wizard - Garr Magehammer
| -Weapon: Light Crossbow
| -Feats:
| -Wizard 1: Spell Penetration
| -Wizard 3: Empower Spell
| -Wizard 5: [Craft Magic Arms and Armor]
| -Wizard 6: Craft Wondrous Item
| -Wizard 9: Craft Wand
| -Wizard 10: [Craft Rod]

This is me since I don't actually get to DM TOEE, not much to say here really I like dwarfs, heard crafting was really good and like wizards...thus this character

8 Neutral Good Female Elven Sorc - Mel Stormshroud
| -Weapon: Longbow
| -Feats:
| -Sorceress 1: Spell Penetration
| -Sorceress 3: Spell Focus (Evocation)
| -Sorceress 6: Greater Spell Penetration
| -Sorceress 9: Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)

Also not much to say about this one either player wanted to be female and make things go boom.

So any suggestions? Party Alignment will be Neutral Good btw