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02-11-2013, 04:36 AM
Firstly I'm not on Lamannia - My laptop doesn't like running it!

Secondly I've failed to find any mention of an upgrade to Elf/Dragon/Giantcrafted Armours here on the forums.

Giantcrafted Armour - +5 Adamantine, Light Fort, 3 charges of 1 minute {poss 5 minute now} Shield!

You can get +5 Addy Armour from Relic of a Sovereign past!
The Light Fort is a Joke at Min Lvl 10!
The Clickie needs boosting badly!

Docent has Moderate Fort {Basically Heavy for WF}

Dragoncrafted Plate Armour - +4 Sacred, Wizardry III!

You're kidding right?

Devs - Spell Points on Armour is just a bad idea that no-one wants! - We have Helms, Rings and Trinkets that have higher Power/Wizardry scores at lower min lvls!
Sacred is nice to have But is a swap in at best - Again other gear slots are better for this!

Dragoncrafted Breastplate - +4, 1 charge of Cure Serious Wounds - Rofl!

Dragoncrafted Robe - Armour Bonus 4, Conju Foc, Wizardry III - Make this Magi and Arnour Bonus 6 and it's much more worthwhile!

Dragoncrafted Docent - +4, Devotion, Wizardry III - Nice but maybe add Heal amp.

Dragoncrafted Leather Armour - +4, DD 10, Reflex Save 3, Spot 7

Trapblast Goggles from STK have Reflex Save 4!
DD 10 needs to go to 13 with the recent changes to random loot!
Spot 7 - Ah Ah! - Spot 13 please!

Elfcrafted Armour - Mithral, Arcane Lore, Minor Spell Pen VII - Baby Blue Dragon Armour - I like this one BUT it could still do with updating for today's game!
Robe has Evoc Focus - Elven Wizards can wear Armour - Give us our focus pls!