View Full Version : Make Challenges Quittable

02-09-2013, 10:42 AM
Since the devs are giving so much attention to challenges right now...

Make it so that when you Recall from a challenge, it behaves as though time ran out, rather than you abandoning the quest.

So, if you achieved the primary objective already, you can Recall out immediately and claim whatever reward you'd get if you just sat there and waited for time to expire. Or you can keep going, increase your score, and get more reward like usual.

If nothing else, this would make Time is Money not the ONLY option for endgame challenge running for tokens. The only advantage to that one is the short duration, meaning you dont have to waste 10 minutes running around Rushmore's mansion or defending extractors for a couple extra reward collectibles. With this change, you could do a Rushmore challenge in that same 5 minutes and kill one boss, or do another Lava Caves or Interplanar challenge to the first collection goal. It makes them all equal.