View Full Version : The Grotto

02-05-2013, 09:29 AM
Hi, some advice for the intro quest, the Grotto.

When your party comes to the big hall with the water pit, do not just go sit on top of the trap door over the water piking while your party kills off the shaugin.

See what happens is the monsters will come down and try to stabby you. When that happens, your party of stalwart adventures will follow. If jeets comes down, because of his small legs, he cant make it back up to the top.

When the trap door is finall opened, he will fall into the water and disappear. Like disappear disappear. So when you go to the next part of this challenging adventure, you cant talk to him because, well, he's disappeared.

At this point, its recall and restart.

Just a friendly note to let you know if you are going to pike, make sure its a safe place to pike.