View Full Version : Devs: Revisit PDK Favor Rewards

02-05-2013, 06:22 AM
Not a fan of this mechanic introduced with MotU but w/e.

Not a fan of cosmetic pets but w/e some are.

I *do* like the Key to Eveningstar CD change and the fact it works from guild ship when at first it wouldn't.


It's time to throw us a bone and pull the shtick out of our eye just a tad.

It is NOT unreasonable to ask that PDK Commedation Armor upgrade be moved to 250 PDK Favor => A little bit of work but more accessible to A LOT of players.

PDK 125 and 375 seem appropriate. 125 easy enough for Key

375 => Those who enjoy this kinda face smash grind probably don't mind it.

Pet.... /shrug