View Full Version : YourDDO Monster Manual Update

02-02-2013, 06:15 PM
With the upcoming release of the third volume of the Monster Manual, I have gone behind the scenes of YourDDO, flipped some switches, and have made all the monsters typed in the game show up for the new Volume.

Couple things to remember.

First, the volume is not live as of yet. So all these monster types are still subject to change. Once the new volume departs Lama and hits live, everything will be set in stone as far as enemy types and such.

Second, as a few of you have talked about in the forums already, the Ghasts are not looking good. They are the only type that is currently not listed on YourDDO's MM because they are all currently found under the Ghoul race. Once this volume goes live, and if Ghast remains, extensive testing will need to be done to try and figure out what exactly Turbine are looking for in the Ghast category.

Additionally, the new volume seems to only be available to VIP's who are on Lama, as it's not available in the store as of yet. Therefore, I won't be able to add the new buttons for the menu until it is made available on the Lama store, or it hits live, or unless somebody wants to send me a high res screenshot of the new MM updates showing the new button graphics for Outsider, Magical Beast, and Construct. :cool: But in the meantime, they are just black spaces.

And as with the previous releases of the Monster Manual, if there are any bugged enemies, missing enemies, or too many entries (:eek:) let me know here on this thread, send me an email using the email at the bottom of YourDDO, or send me a PM on these forums.

Stay tuned to this thread for future updates and more information about the new volume as I discover it.