View Full Version : Tanky Qstaff Weird Mix

01-23-2013, 11:09 AM
I was going through classes and other Qstaff builds and came up with 12 monk/7 fighter/1 druid or 12 monk/ 7 rogue/ 1 druid. Mainly going into the monks earth stance 3 for the increase to the crit multiplier which would make Rahl's Might just ******** op with Shallelagh and Ram's Might from the druid level.

Now I know people are going to say there arent enough wood staffs blah blah, but the few you get at high level MORE than make up for the lack at low level.

Rahl's Might, Breeze, Stout Oak Walking Stick (for those with MotU), Pillar of Light for low levels, banishers and smiters can be found in wooden form, I have some. It might take time to find specifically wooden Qstaffs, but it can be done.

Just a thought, with Earth Stance 3, giving the 1 to the crit multiplier, and an attack that adds straight damage, with the other couple of defensive traits. Druid for Shellalegh and Ram's Might, and fighter for Kensai 1 or Rogue for trapmonkeyness and Acrobat 1, I see decent things with this build.