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01-17-2013, 12:48 PM
My 18/2 Pale Trapper struggles against these types of enemies. Can't insta-death them, can't CC them.

Is there a Wiz/Sorc spell I'm missing that hurts constructs especially? Are they usually weaker to a certain element? (I am Ice/Acid specialized right now). Is there a certain weapon type I should try to melee them with?

Thanks for your help.

01-17-2013, 12:52 PM
Web and nukes.

01-17-2013, 12:53 PM
Disintegrate works well enough

01-17-2013, 12:57 PM
Web + Acid Rain + Ice Storm
Magic missile / Force missile
Disintegrate / Polar Ray / Black Dragon Bolt
niacs / eldars

what constructs anyway?

01-17-2013, 12:59 PM
Web, Disintegrate, Prismatic Ray/Spray all work fairly well for me on constructs.

Don't use Acid on Clay Golems, or Electric on Flesh ones. It would be bad.

01-17-2013, 01:00 PM
Heightened Web for CC

Heightened Disintegrate with +2 Greater Transmutaion Focus and Impulse or Potency Spell Power item.

Maximise/Empower makes it quicker but can burn through your spell points quickly.

The Frozen Tunic from Cannith Challenges has a Lesser Freezing Ice power that procs and freezes Contructs for CC and +50% damage vulnerability.

That tunic also has some nice mods for Cold Spell Power as well.

The downside of the tunic is you have to hit with a melee weapon and be in melee range of mobs. Blur/Displacement/Stoneskin or whatever to mitigate the damage.

Any Weapon of Smiting and Masters Touch spell or a Quarterstaff with Smiting will help. There is a ML6 Named Mace of Smiting that is +3 Adamantine of Smiting that drops from Garamols Chest in the Subterrane that pairs very nicely with the Fanion Shield from Orchard Shield Frament turn in in the Upper Necropolis.

01-17-2013, 01:01 PM
constructs are a pain for all classes btw. you just gotta hammer them down.

and yes, they are suckers for webs which gives you the time to do so.

01-17-2013, 01:03 PM
If your web DC is low, solid fog will up it quite a bit. If you have FoM sleet storm will knock them down too. As the rest said, Disintegrate is a 1-2 shot victory. Prismatic Spray is perfect for singles or groups.

01-17-2013, 01:06 PM
Web + mace of smiting :)

01-17-2013, 01:50 PM
Web + disintigrate are the only no-fail solutions for constructs.

Each construct has a different immunity, and virtually all of them are heald by some form of elemental energy. Plus, some constructs are immune to force damage (not many, if I recall).

Acid is a good, all-purpose elemental line. Just don't use it with clay golems. It heals them.

01-17-2013, 01:51 PM
Dear OP: typically constructs are the nemesis of arcane casters in traditional D&D. We are lucky in DDO that they are not plain out immune to spells.

I would use:

1) Web for crowd control.
2) Disintegrate for moderate damage.
3) For Bosses use DOTs.
4) For instant kills use Prismatic Ray/Spray. (Note: Only works 7% of the time and if they failed the will save) or Double Rainbow if you are Shiradi Champion...

These constructs are usually better dealt with by Smiting weapons or by monks (They bypass DR adamantine if pure 16+) with Smiting hand wraps and/or Void IV strikes or Everything Is Nothing gesture.

01-17-2013, 03:54 PM
note: before disintegrate, cyclonic blast is an option. it won't combine with web, but it may very well knock the construct on it's behind anyways. less damage, but ref on a construct is almost always terrible.

it's a good choice up until you can get disintegrate, imo. after that, not so much.

01-17-2013, 09:22 PM
Heightened web x2 a slight distance apart
Run in circles and wait for webbing
Disintegrate+cyclonic blast+ice storm
Prismatic spray if you want a chance at one shotting some in a group, but it also has a chance of using an element that may heal them

They never give my arcane trickster build any problems with that. Be aware that cyclonic blast will blow away fogs, fire wall, and acid rain

01-17-2013, 09:56 PM
Disintegrate is almost useless on animated armors in the extraplanar mining challenges. I've got 54 int and a +2 spell focus mastery item and with heighten on it almost never does any damage to them.

The best bets are MASSIVE amounts of one-shot damage (ie: Energy Burst from draconic) or no-save force spells, as in chain missiles or force missiles. If all else fails, the force component of ice storm will work.

I think acid may be very good against the ones it doesn't heal, but I wouldn't know since I can't really spec for acid due to acid rain lag issues.

01-17-2013, 10:23 PM
Disintegrate, obviously.
Cyclonic Blast, I saw that mentioned, but I felt it should be reiterated. Its better than Disintegrate if you're dealing with a group of constructs and you can cluster them together, plus it knocks them down. Very handy underrated spell.

01-18-2013, 01:16 AM
Be aware that cyclonic blast will blow away fogs, fire wall, and acid rain

it also blows away webs.

don't get me wrong, it's a handy spell, especially at level 9 or 10 (for wizards and sorcerers, respectively), but it doesn't play well with others. when you're using cyclonic blast, you're pretty much giving up on using any persistent AOE (with the exception of blade barrier).

01-18-2013, 03:16 AM
The number one non named golem killer spell is prismatic spray. Just remember, dont use maximize and empower on it.
Disintegrate works as well if there arent many targets.
Prismatic spray also works in most situation when almost nothing else.

01-18-2013, 04:25 AM
Disintegrate is the no1 spell against constructs, but Icestorm can be more sp efficient, constructs take full damage from bludgeon and partial from cold. Polar Ray isnt that bad either since it has no save. Draconic burst/breath are of course the no1 nukes if you got the right element.

Melee with smiters isnt as ridiculous as before since you get a decent to-hit chance now no matter what your attack bonus is.

I cant say much about prismatics, but theyre evocation so be sure to boost their DCs by swapping on evo focus and heightening them.

clay get healed by acid
metal golems get healed by fire? (I rarely spec fire)
lightning guards, the chest monster in snitch, and cannons are immune to lightning

One tip: Portals (shroud etc) are NOT immune/resistant to negative energy, so you can just use necrotic rays and SLAs. Warforged can be instakilled, and dogs take negative energy damage even though they dont get level drained by the ray.

01-18-2013, 03:32 PM
I prefer Polar Ray to Disintegrate. 50% absorption beats doing 10% damage because the thing saves every time. This is not an option for Shroud portals, but for every mobile construct I can think of it works fine.

01-18-2013, 05:46 PM
Web + prismatic spray/ray

the prismatics have a 1 in 7 chance of instant killing them. You can buy scrolls in the portable hole and it won't cost any sp to use them.


yes there is a save but most constructs have lousy will saves and in most cases a scroll will work.

01-19-2013, 01:45 AM
Web + prismatic spray/ray

the prismatics have a 1 in 7 chance of instant killing them. You can buy scrolls in the portable hole and it won't cost any sp to use them.


yes there is a save but most constructs have lousy will saves and in most cases a scroll will work.

2 in 7 arguably. turned to stone isn't dead, but it's close enough most of the time.

01-19-2013, 01:51 AM
Prismatic Spray, no metas on EE construct packs.

Energy Burst if available, otherwise Web and let melees play with them. If solo, Acid Rain gets most of them but takes time, DBF/Meteor Swarm also works but costs a lot of mana.

Not a fan of Disintegrate on them except in 4-6 player EH or 4-6 player heroic elite - on EN/small group EH/most heroic content it is just insane overkill, on EE they save enough to matter.