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01-15-2013, 08:01 AM
Does the improved maximize sorcerer enhancememnt stack with improved maximize from items?
- If i got the improved maximize III enhancement and an item with improved maximize II, will i get -9 SP per Spell or
the full -15 SP?
- Im pretty sure that for the enhancements only the highest bonus counts. Is that also true for Items or can i get
a better bonus if i use an improved maximize II and an improved maximize I item?

In other words: What is the highest possible bonus for SP-cost mitigation and how do i get it (-10% not counted)?

Same question for spell focus feats and spell focus on items:
- Im pretty sure that the bonus from the feats stacks with a bonus from an item with spell focus on it. But how do
more items with different types of spell focus stack?
- Will i get +6 DC if i use a +3 major evocation focus stick with a ring with +2 greater evocation focus and a +1
evocation focus in an yellow slot?

Trying to get the maximum out of my build before U17 so i can see which old things i should use before they are gone forever.

01-15-2013, 12:48 PM
Efficient/improved metamagic: Items stack with class enhancements, but the item bonuses have different values from the enhancements (for maximize, enhancements lower costs by 3 each tier, item lowers by 2 each tier, for a total of -13 for all 3 tiers of enhancement and 2 tiers of item).

For both metamagics and spell focus, items do not stack with each other.

01-15-2013, 01:43 PM
check the bonus type, then, most don't stack, when they stack it's specified:

100 elemental spellpower, stacks with all but 100 elemental spellpower (100 sp from eveningstar wizards' set, or conc opp)
50 elemental spellpower, stacks with all but 50 elemental spellpower (50 sp from eveningstar wizards' set, or conc opp)

that means they stack completely

when they are non stackable, only applies the highest value, so in your example the +3dc

items and enhancements stack, but highest item and highest enhancement only (in the enhancement description you see "adds X to a total Y bonus to...")

have it in mind when taking things that reduce sp cost (-10% competence reduction, 10% enhancement reduction, 6 spell points reduction like in your example) cause most are in the same bonus

when you have a -6 spell points from maximize 2 item and a -10% reduction, doesnt matter the order, you will get the 10% reduction from spell cost (once you apply the metas, not the base cost, so sometimes you can be casting empowered/maximized spells at lower cost than base spell :P) and the -6 from maximize 2 in item and the reduction from your enhancements

now, read again the first line i typed and simply have it in mind XD