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01-10-2013, 11:43 AM
While I do enjoy Tolero's question-answering videos, I'm saddened that the really significant and meaty questions never get answered. For example, a developer (either Eladrin or Madfloyd, I think?) posted some data on the upcoming (I hope!) enhancement system/UI quite some time ago, and nothing has been heard since, except for a few threads on the Lamannia forum when a player accidentally found some old W.I.P. enhancement trees for some of the monk, rogue and bard PrEs.

There some other questions players might like to be answered, like which bugs have been fixed and are waiting to go live on the next update, which current adventure packs besides Gianthold are going epic, or why there isn't a seperate Overwhelming Critical feat for ranged and throwing weapons.

Basically, I wish that some of these questions, and others like them, would be answered.