View Full Version : 20 Charge Enegry Burst

01-04-2013, 12:04 PM
The # isn't important it's the concept.

I imagine holding down a charge button (similar to the Arti runearm) and charging certain caster attacks. Energy Burst was the first to come to mind. During the charge I must either remain still or move at 1/3 speed. Remaining still would build the charge faster.

The concept would be that the AOE and the damage would be multiplied and so would the cooldown. If I chose to charge it to tier one, the AOE would be quite small and the damage equally small. If I chose to wait, say, 30 sec with a charge - I would have a giant orb of power surrounding me, and when released it would have massive damage (like Everything is Nothing.....), massive range, and an equally massive cooldown.

This would give us the option to have a bit of fun and thought. Currently the massive effect could be used to have the group pull to us while we charge or used on boss fights as most groups would not be willing to wait 30 sec for a simple insta-kill style effect.

Again the numbers/effects are not so important it's the concept. I'd love to see what other players would do.