View Full Version : 3 Things I'd Like to See

12-24-2012, 12:22 PM
Alter of Epic Rituals in the 12
Allow 1000 Epic Dungeon Token Fragments to combine to 10 Epic Dungeon Tokens in 1 crunch
-This is tedious to the point where people only sit there and do it when they have either nothing better to do or they need them for TR/upgrade.

A ransack chest and ransack quest end reward bypass item, resets all your chest/quest end reward timers associated with a single quest.
-Does not reset timers for raid quest completions but allows people to continue to farm a non raid quest beyond the normal 7ish ransack times without having to wait a week.

A scroll/potion box or both if too hard to code
-A new window that can hold 8-16 potions or scrolls clickable from your screen. you place them in and new ones stack onto it if auto gather is selected, like a new bag except items remain in it and are used
-Frees up inventory space, reducues clutter


A new bag system for scrolls, same idea as other bags auto gather etc but works only for spell scrolls, not ingredient scrolls
-Frees up inventory space, reducues clutter especially when lots of chests contain random scrolls
-People would be more likely to press loot all speeding up the looting process (very small time saver)
-Increase likelihood people would loot scrolls help the market of drop only scrolls making them more available (byproduct)

12-24-2012, 01:28 PM
Your first request is kinda already7 here, don't use the alter for the crunching. use the epic vendor, sure it's one at a time but it's MUCH faster so not nearly as painful.