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12-17-2012, 04:10 PM
Here is a suggestion for a new Whisperdoom mission pack.

Basic Premise:

After the Spinner of Shadows was released, Tangleroot Gorge is overcome with the undead. Splinterskull fortress is overtaken by a familiar foe with vengeance dripping off her fangs. According to the silver flame priests Whisperdoom has become a Lich and is raising an army for the Spinner of Shadows. Only those who have bested her before have a chance at destroying her for good.

Mission pack consists of: Tangleroot Gorge explorable area and 4 missions.

Tangleroot Gorge explorer area can be entered at level 18 and level 23 epic thru the One Ear Bugbear Inn. (Re-use Existing maps)

Enemies for this explorable area consist of: Undead Hobgoblins, Undead Bugbears, Undead Troglodytes, Spiders, Undead Spiders, Drow, Rhakashi, Worgs, Umbral Worgs, Undead Ogres, Ogre Mages, Undead humanoid races (drow, human, elf, dwarf, etc.).
Quest Giver: Brother Aurelius in the One-Earred Bugbear Inn.

Mission One: Investigate the fortress Splinterskull. Adventurers explore the Splinterskull fortress looking for clues about the Whisperdoom Lich. They soon find that the fortress is full of Undead Spiders and that Whisperdoom has hidden her phylactery somewhere within. Players find Whisperdoom daughters have regained the inner halls along with an Ogre Mage who has valuable information. (Re-use Existing maps)

Mission Two: Seek out the phylactery within the Splinterskull fortress, and any ties to the Spinner of Shadows. Adventurers enter Splinterskull fortress again and delve deeper, where players once killed Yarkuch in his throne room. There players see Yarkuch resurrected protecting a tunnel behind his throne. Yarkuch has become an undead marionette with the Lich Whisperdoom playing his strings. (Re-use Existing maps)

Mission Three: Continue into the Tunnels past Splinterskull in search of the Lich Whisperdoom and her Phylactery. Adventurers now explore a new tunnel system seeking out Whisperdooms new lair (new map area). They come across Whisperdooms old Lair in which our adventurers had once thought they killed her (re-use Existing Level 11 Spawn of Whisperdoom map). Players must slay the Undead Vortarg Kar-Thul, the once living Ogre Mage that infused Whisperdoom with spells. More evidence of the Lich Whisperdoom and how to destroy her emerges, as well as her location.

Mission Four: Destroy the phylactery of Whisperdoom and vanquish the Lich Whisperdoom forever from Eberron. New map area where players find the phylactery and destroy it. Once it is destroyed the Lich Whisperdoom emerges and seeks out the intruders she has been patiently waiting for. Adventurers attack her expecting this foul beast to be destroyed, but this is a web that the intelligent Whisperdoom has laid out for them. The trap has been set.

(Whisperdoom is a chracter I enjoy in DDO and would love to see her come back. She was the first red named monster I ran from when I first did the Splinterskull missions back in the day. This is just a suggestion. If ya'll want reply with some named loot you would like to see with this.)

12-18-2012, 01:40 AM
sounds like a great idea for an adventure pack in eberron.
ideas for named loots:
whisperdoom's fang (trinket) (ml 18, 22 for epic version)
-protection from poison +8 (+10 on epic version)
-web immunity (flavor from spawn named loot)
-whisperdoom's venom (gives your weapon
whisperdoom's venom effect, pretty much wounding)
-(epic only) whispering fangs (attacks bypass DR/piercing, and incorporeality)
-whisperdoom set bonus
-flavor text: whisperdoom's fang drips with venom, coating your weapons with her virulent poison. You sense that by
wearing it you take on the traits of a spider.

whisperdoom's carapace (light armor) (ml 18, 22 for epic version)
-base armor:6 (10 epic)
-max dex bonus:4 (6 epic) (can add int instead)
-arcane spell failure:0%
-protection from poison +8 (+10 on epic version)
-lich traits (you take on some of the traits of a lich, giving +2 stacking bonus to strength, constituition and intelligence, but take an addition 30% damage from light spells)
-(epic only) lesser arcane augmentation IX
-whisperdoom set bonus
-flavor text:whisperdoom's exoskeleton is imbued with dark magic, making spell casting easier. However, by wearing it you feel that you are closer to undeath.

spidersilk gauntlets (gloves) (ml 18, 22 epic)
-web immunity
-dexterity +6 (+8 epic)
-intelligence +6 (+8 epic)
-sticky fingers (-4 to rogue skills, -4 to strength, occasionally inflicts the user with spider poison)
-(epic only) nullification +102
-flavor text: these gauntlets make the user incredibly dexterous and make spell-casting easier, but they are sticky and still contain the poison of whisperdoom
-whisperdoom set bonus

whisperdoom set bonus: when these three items from whisperdoom are combined, the user's powers of necromancy are greatly increased. But as you delve deeper into the powers of undeath, you are afflicted by the same things as them (boon of undeath effect, +1 stacking int, immune to curative spells, +3 necro DC)

I designed these items to be the ultimate PM set, because of the proposed storyline. Tried to think up of some non-PM gear, but couldn't.

12-18-2012, 02:48 AM
I'm sorry, but I just find the idea of a spider that somehow managed to gather up the magical mojo and knowledge to turn itself into a lich to just be, well, laughable. Whisperdoom already made a second appearance in another quest in which we get to kill her, that is more than enough for me.

/not signed.

12-18-2012, 03:34 AM
i like it, with one caveat:

it would make more sense if it were the Drow who Resurrected her, possibly because, with the Spinner having fled to Faerun and been absorbed into Lolth, they need something new to worship (think of it as them trying to replace the Spinner with Whisperdoom)

12-18-2012, 08:18 AM
new pack, but reusing existing maps?

sorry but... no?

they could do an epic version of tangleroot if you want, but quests are too easy to take it as a real idea

the quest where you kill her is spawn of whisperdoom, and is f2p iirc, then the spider died

12-18-2012, 08:26 AM
Finally killed Whisperdoom in TR Pt 4 last night.

I was on my Lvl 16 Ice Sorc
A guildie was on his Fighter/Ranger/Rogue build {Lvl 18}
We had The Panther and Natasha {Lvl 16 Cleric Hire} along.

We were running Elite.

I shrined before Whisperdoom and after buffing had Natasha DV me back up to full.

Ice Storm, Full stacks of Niac's and Eladar's, Otiluke's and Frost Lance until fully stacked dots - Niac's and Snowball Swarm after.

I had 123/1870 sps left when she finally went down!

12-18-2012, 08:29 AM
A few things which I don't think DDO needs more of at this point:

Reusing the Splinterskull map again.

It's a good and creative idea with one of DDO's more memorable minor villains, and I appreciate that. It's just an idea I don't think I'd enjoy very much actually playing through.

12-18-2012, 08:56 AM
i like it, with one caveat:

it would make more sense if it were the Drow who Resurrected her, possibly because, with the Spinner having fled to Faerun and been absorbed into Lolth, they need something new to worship (think of it as them trying to replace the Spinner with Whisperdoom)

Eberron drow do not worship spiderwoman.