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12-14-2012, 02:58 AM
My guild is "Eye of the Dragon" on Argonessen server. Currently it is just me and another player with multiple characters. We are looking for all levels and proficiencies. We are not about you being elite and able to solo epics, we are about building a group of people we know and have fun with.

Our motto is "Guild comes FIRST" and by that I mean that we always will run with guild members in quests before others. Back before the DARK DAYS (life pulling me away from the game) we would do ALL guild raids on VON or Tempest. We share all we can, usually helping out the lower levels with drops that we find, and when i figure out crafting i will also be willing to help there also, or others when they join.

The most dependable and reliable will also be sought out for officers.

If you are interested you can message me here, or send mail to "Ashleykill" and I will respond ASAP. Currently I an the other member is in South Korea, But soon we will be back in EST. Weekends and our nights are the most ran times. I would love to once again have a guild where the sun never set, and the chat was never empty.

We have a small airship already and are Lvl 33.

Any other questions feel free to ask here or mail me.

01-09-2013, 05:55 AM
Still looking for members.

Why join a HUGE guild that will never care if your on? Join us. We are happy to see you :)