View Full Version : Humble Artificer request

12-13-2012, 08:01 AM
I hope the Devs are getting some RnR on this "quality of life" update, but I wanted to make 2 suggestions that would help my game play and I think would be kinda small.

Both ideas concern my Iron Defender.

1) Take the "breath weapon" out of their attack chain. Its a waste of turn and doesn't scale. I kills me when I'm out and my defender She stops to use that silly attack ever 10 seconds.
I would consider allowing it to scale and look something like the TORCH spell, maybe augment it like dragon breath. This is something that could be addressed in the artificer Pre's or hopefully and Artificer ED, but none of it should be considered with out an option to turn it completely off, please.

2) I really don't like the way Iron defender combat feats are set up. Currently they just attack until they have an opportunity to trip, or sunder. The defender will cycle through every combat feat they are trained in....pause.... use a lame breath attack.....pause...strike a few times until their combat feat comes off timer and then use them all again weather warranted or not. Ultimately I would like to be able to select an enemy and send my defender to trip at will, but I never can because as it stands they stay permanently timered.
If nothing else I would like to see it adjusted to where they will only use a combat feat ONLY when hot bared, at least I could remove it from their attack chain when its not wanted.

Thanks for listening