View Full Version : Was confused by the different dates...

12-04-2012, 05:25 PM
Went in tonight to buy an extra character slot on sale, as I've been waiting for them to be on sale for quite some time and found they weren't on sale anymore.

This weekend I had seen 3 new sales announcements and the first two ended Dec 6 but I guess I didn't notice the third ended Dec 2 and was just a weekend sale. I had seen such things as stat tomes, etc. (similar "types" of sale, store items, etc.) as ending Dec 6 and in my mind figured "oh I can wait into the week to buy those slots, I have till Thursday."

This was especially complicated by the fact that until I just now found a solution today, the DDO store plotted terribly slow for me for the last many days, and I was substantially disuaded from doing anything in the store, as the most minimal transactions took several minutes. I had to struggle a week ago to buy additional TP. Since then I've discovered a known glitch in Embedded chrome apps, applied the solution, and I can shop again!

I understand its my fault, but I wanted to explain why I was confused in case it helps the DDO store to help lessen the confusion for myself and others in the future.

It wasn't an urgent need, I'll wait till the next time character slots go on sale.