View Full Version : Epic Wilderness

12-02-2012, 08:25 PM
I'd kind of like to see wildy areas with epic quests (Fens, Sands, soon to be GH) also have an epic wilderness. I'm not expecting scroll/shard/seal drops, or even tokens, or additional XP... but it'd be nice to at least get the full XP without a massive penalty from your level.

Basically, keep the slayer count from heroic (if you killed 84 mobs in the Fens, you have 84 slayers in eFens), beef 'em up in the same fashion you beef 'em up in the quests, and reset the min-max level to 20-25. Don't even need to up the XP. Just get rid of the XP penalty. We have the quest dialogue to get in anyway, and the tech to automatically select the Epic version of quests when at 20+ while being able to switch to Heroic if so desired, so those who want a quick run to the quest can switch to Heroic while others can get full slayer XP.