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11-30-2012, 04:56 PM
It won't be interesting to all of you, but for those that enjoy jumps or free running this should be a pretty interesting thread =)

specs of my character: 18 Monk 1 Ranger (highest passive speed bonus from monk levels and Ranger Sprint), to assist it further I use cannith propulsion boots and Phiarlan's Time Pendant.

This guide will show you how to get on some of the high spots in stormreach.

we'll start with an easy one

pillar in Marketplace.

From the upstairs at the airship portal you can jump on the ledge of a wall, after that get on top of the pillar (the one character is standing on, from there you can get on top of the main part of the wall.

From the main wall you can jump to the roofing of the next wall, from there the easiest way is to jump towards the high pillar (see image) with abundant step/wings + propulsion boots, it is possible to do it without though, you can even use the palmtree.

House Jorasco aquaduct and top of wall.
Wall top:

abundant step to pillar on image

easiest way is jumping on the ledge below the wall top on image and then abundant step on top of the pillar, from there you jump up the wall and then you jump yourself stuck between the spike and the wall so you are high enough to jump inside the spike.

from the spike you can jump to the place on the image below.

same start as last spot

After you get on top get on the wall again and just follow the pictures trail, last part needs abundant step type of enhancement/feat

Harbor high wall

I learned this one recently from another thread, it's quite a nice sequence so here we go:

Just get on top of the roofs.

Jump on the stone in the image, this requires you to jump exactly right and likely takes a few tries.

Once on top you can use abundant step to get on top of the wall (or rather against it) above the bridge, from there you can walk closer to the high wall and jump on it with abundant step.


House Phiarlan edge of the wall

First get on top of the building on the picture (entrance to vampire quest)

From there you can jump on top of two more buildings (might need a few tries), from where you can jump closer to the airship portal and then on top of the airship portal

From the portal you can go higher up on both sides, but the furthest side can be reached by following the track of the picture below.

jump on top of the house in the corner (attached to the large gray wall)

You can walk across the width of the wall and potentially jump over the fence of the city gate around the corner...

House Kundarak Teleport Pillars

I have explained this one before, but since it's a pretty awesome jump I'm adding it to this one as well to make it more complete.

You start at the house K tavern.

Once you reach at the edge of the wall continue on the other side.

When you reach the high pillar left face the wall straight ahead as on the image (triangular roofing), run towards it and use abundant step, stop as soon as you walk against it, you won't glide off this one. Once you get on top of the round pillar stand EXACTLY on the yellow circle area, face the spike just across, jump up and use abundant step again. This should put you exactly in that spike.

When you are ready prepare all possible speed boosters (Pendant of time, Sprint boost) and jump towards the palm tree. *note, there is an invisible wall in the straight line so you HAVE to go roundabout like this. Use the following combo: Abundant step, Propulsion boots, Abundant step. This way you do not have to wait untill A.S. cooled down. Right before you hit the palm tree go right to get on the lowest part of the high ledge.

This is the spot you want to aim for:
Other angle

Accomplishing this would be fairly amazing, it's a fairly complicated and precize proces.


You can get up to two pillars if you want to get to the pinnacle of this jump!

11-30-2012, 05:11 PM
Thanks, nice thread.

I've done a couple of them, the others hadn't even entered my mind.

12-01-2012, 04:19 AM
^^ there are several more I can post:
-How to get on top of the mountains in Ataraxia
-how to access the top area of stormcleave outpost
-how to get on top of the temple (quest entrance) of the xorian cipher pre-quest
-how to get on top of the vertical ship in the TBC slayer area (p2p)
-How to get on top of the Siegebreaker map (p2p)

you can also get past the mountains in "a small problem" but not sure the devs would like me globally sharing that, same goes for the top of an invisible wall in house C near the top of the city wall in height.

in house D you can get pretty high up with abundant step + propulsion boots at the south and east exits, but they aren't very interesting jumps.