View Full Version : Idea for Bard pre

11-28-2012, 11:52 AM

It would similar to Warchanter as far as being melee focused, at least in part. But rather than battle related songs, the power of personality would come through renown, stories, and inspirational speeches. Poetry even. No singing, no playing an instrument, charms based solely on getting enemies to give up in futility or join your cause and fight for you.

At 7th level, you get a trusted lieutenant that would work similar to a pet. They could be a paladin, warmage, or battle cleric and would raise levels as you do. Theoretically, you could also equip them, at least in armor and weapons. Hirelings would also be at a reduced cost or even free.

Charisma, Strength would be major attributes, perform and diplomacy major skills.

Like Warchanter, it should allow the use of medium armor and some martial weapons.After all, if you're going to earn respect and admiration from your deeds, you should be a bit of a bad mofo to get to that point. An extra feat devoted to fighting would be nice, maybe pick from cleave/greater cleave/improved crit etc. A freebie that would give a little bite to melee at mid levels.

Unlike the standard bard, there should be some simple offensive spells available. Wall of fire at lower levels, and call lightning at higher levels, for example. To compensate, no disco ball or otto's ID.

Just a thought to breathe a little life into a sad class that could use some new interest and a little love.