View Full Version : Epic Explorer Zones and Red Fens.

11-22-2012, 02:02 PM
Let's face it - 7,500 Slayers at 150 approx full clearance Per Instance is Insane!

Especially when Lvl 13 is the Max for Full XP - Ataraxia and Restless Isles go to 14 - Ataraxia has 200+ Slayers Per Instance with a 1500 total and Restless Isles has 300 Per Instance and 1500 total.
I can clear both these {even though Ataraxia sends me to sleep half the time} before Levelling to 15.

Sands starts at Lvl 10 {Lvl 8 I think is the earliest you can go in there} and We've got till we have to take Lvl 16 to Maximise Slayer.

Now frankly: As things stand I don't go past 1500 kills in the Fens so that I can get more out of Sands.
Half of the time at least - I leave Fens at 750!

This Annoys me as uptil Fens I max out Every Slayer in the game - I also Max Ataraxia and Restless Isles.

SUGGESTION: Cap Red Fens Heroic Slayer at 3000 - Make a New Epic Red Fens Slayer with a Cap of 5000 {500 more total than the original 7500}.
Kill two Birds with one stone: Make Fens Heroic Slayer more feasible to Max AND Provide another Epic Level Slayer Zone.

If this works then it could be considered for Epic Gianthold too.

11-22-2012, 02:19 PM
If you do it for xp, it's terrible waste of time, really. Maybe get explorers and rares once if you have to.

11-22-2012, 02:35 PM
I do it because it's there - The XP is a bonus!

Now the problem is that I'm currently forced into running many slayer zones over level {significantly reducing said XP}.

I can live with:

Tangleroot - Bravery requires I run Witch Doctor/Yarkuch {4 Quests} at lvl 8-9 - Max Slayer Lvl is 7.
3 Barrel Cove - Bravery Requires I run Scoundrel's Run and Old Grey Garl at lvl 9 - Max Slayer Lvl is 8.

Bravery Requirements btw also require that I don't go into these zones before the Bravery Lvl of the earliest quests - Lvl 5 for Tangleroot and Lvl 7 for 3 Barrel {In fact I usually leave 3 Barrel till lvl 8 on a First Life as I'm self capped before touching it's Lvl 5 quests anyway.}.

I can't live with:

7,500 Slayer at 150 approx kills Per Instance!
This is a Joke in a None-Endgame Zone.

Red Fens Has Never been Endgame {Unlike Sands, Gianthold and Vale} - It came out after the Cap had moved to 20 - Why the Devs decided on the super high Max Slayer Count I have absolutely no idea.

Now it does however have Epic Quests - All four of them.
Reducing the Max Heroic Slayer Count to 3000 and adding in a 5000 Max Epic Slayer should be relatively simple {Especially as Wisps and Vine Stalkers have been re-used in FR Epic Content!}.

The Red Fens is unfortunately far too small to significantly up the number of Mobs Per Instance to the same as Ataraxia or Restless Isles.
But it is available for Epicing of Said Slayer for those of us who want more Epic Slayer Zones.

I'd also like to add that the Max Possible Level for gaining Full XP in the Subterrane should be moved up now we have Epic Levels.