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11-22-2012, 09:28 AM
I've been having trouble finding and joining groups and thus learning raids. I don't see a lot of groups turn up for raids I want to play and have been flagged for, and 70% of the time they won't accept me for any number of reasons (most often because I don't know the raid, but it has happened that I'm over-level because I never got a chance to play it at level, or then the times I've been a wee bit low level or too low HP). It's really defeating to have to be rejected time and again from a group because I don't have the experience.

And then, once I do find a group willing to include me - we race through the level and I haven't got a clue what is going on. Chronoscope is the only raid I've ran multiple (8 times now), I certainly know what to do by this stage, but story wise I still don't know it all that well.

I would love to be able to play all the raids solo so I can learn the raid, take my time and find all the secrets etc. but I can't (I have just started going back over the few raids that are solo-able at it's lowest level with my epic toon).

So I would like to suggest a "Raid Primer" version (or the raid equivalent of Solo). I have no problems with it being completely nerfed, no named loot (or any at all), minimal/no XP - in exchange, at level I can follow through the story of all my quests, learn the ins and outs of the raids so I'm prepared and not automatically disregarded as a liability for the real thing. As a bonus, have the tutorial DM navigating me through it, tell me which puzzles require a group, a rogue or cleric (obviously with some shortcuts/cheats to complete it solo).

I have now played through a large majority of the game and I love it - yet I've got these patches in my story where the next lot of quests don't have much context because I couldn't complete the finale of previous quests. It's as though I've read all the Harry Potter books with the ending cut out of each book! I feel like I'm being disadvantaged because I prefer to play solo - and even after nearly 3 months of solid play I'm still treated as a newb when it comes to raids.

Yes, I have studied the raids on DDOwiki - I use that site constantly but all that info doesn't make sense to me until I've played it myself. Yes - I have joined a guild, and I'm very happy with my guild, timezones and # of members means I'm unable to join them in dedicated guild raids.

11-22-2012, 10:24 AM
What server are you on/ level of your toon.

Usually sending a tell to the group leader of a raid run is all you need, most of the servers are pretty good at running newbs through guided tour runs.

Some raid runs if you ask, the players will show you the ropes or even let you drive.., like Von5-ring/voice is often done by the same people over and over while a lot of the people running it have no clue what is done with them.

You can put together groups to do exploring runs like in the subterraine for the rares/explores slayers and shard hunting. Once you learn the layout it becomes easy to fild lost sheep and get them back on the path to VOD/Hound.

As to HP... Best Con item for your level, Toughness, Heavy Fort item then.... Shroud, shroud, shroud......
Shroud HP item and other usefull shroud clickies I would rank as the primary grind item you should be working on... shroud at least 20+ times. Then do some research and craft the items to best fit your build for the long term usefullness.

Don't be afraid to tell people you are new and undergeared, many of the raid runs are being done to get specific items there are often many great items like TOD belts/neclaces that most already have and will happily load you up.

I occasionaly see LFM's up for newbie raid runs with exploring, these you can put together yourself and do the full adventure tour.

11-22-2012, 05:23 PM
I always do message the person running the raid... the one time I've done Caught in the Web I neglected (quite innocently and accidentally) to say I hadn't done it before until we were in and the raid leader almost had a fit. But I'm far from new to D&D games and working as a team... so my level 23 Paladin (5th lvl Unwielding Sentinel) holds up very well, with a very high number of smites and the 10d6 US attack my DPS is solid, regenerating LOHs and raise deads with backup CSW's means I can be a handy backup healer. I'm wearing the PDK set and have purple/epic items in all but 2 or 3 slots. When I do find a group to work with they are usually extremely helpful and great to play with.

I'm on Sarlona, which I believe is one of the lesser populated servers and I'm in Australia which is a polar opposite timezone to US and Europe. There are some asian (I think mostly Chinese) on the server but teamwork is extremely difficult with the language barrier. On top of those difficulties I would say I'm rejected from from about 70% of the LFMs I do attempt to join - including the latest one for Caught in the Web which said EN (which I've done) and All Welcome (which I now take to mean level 25s only, but I find in Epic the levels are fairly insignificant compared to the EDs - a 23rd with 5th US is way better than a 25 with 1st in any other).

My guild are great and friendly (lvl 68 guild "Armies of Helleman"), due to timezone I don't see more than a few on at a time. The leaders are big Shroud fans and used to run this each weekend but life/time commitments has meant they've had to pull back from DDO more than usual - I'm also still working on flagging for Shroud, haven't been enjoying the levels leading up to them as they are a bit picky for my playstyle and crafting frustrates me to learn (I'll get there eventually - so far though I don't see how the equipment can be made that much better than what I have).

So being able to learn the raids on my own, and in my own time will provide:
a) Complete story telling of my DDO adventure in the order it's meant to be told, it's hard to engage in later quests when there are gaps in the story
b) Prepare new players so they are not entirely redundant and feeling left out for the real deal, which also creates frustration for the experienced players running through the levels

And as I said, I'd be perfectly willing to run them for no XP and no Loot so I can get the most out of my adventure. I think having this option will help make the raids more inclusive and popular. I am now going back and trying to solo the few raids you can, not getting any XP but some loot and enjoying learning the level (done Chrono and Tempest Spine so far, Demon Queen up next and I think the last main solo one is Gianthold).

PS - I did a rough count of all the quests I've completed and it comes to about 84% of the game on my main lvl 23 Paladin, also got a Monk/Rogue about to hit lvl 12 - I'm thoroughly loving this game and I've played a lot of D&D computer games and this is actually my favourite to date, there is just this glaring big whole in my 3 months of play called Raids :) (between jobs right now so I've been playing a lot!)