View Full Version : Omnipresent Advertisements Annoying

11-21-2012, 09:27 PM
As of the latest update, Turbine seems to be under the impression that when I bring up my character to look at my stats what I really wanted to do is go to the DDO store and buy some tomes. Likewise, whenever I get neg. levelled Turbine now sees fit to splash words all over the screen telling me to get to the DDO store asap.

I like the game, and because of that I'm supporting it as a vip. Do I really need the DDO constantly trying to sell me something more?

These intrusive ads make me like the game less. They look tacky and the message that people will pick-up from seeing DDO store adverts everyehere is a terrible one.

Having the option to turn these off would be nice solution, so would making them a one time thing.