View Full Version : Named Loot Changes- Level 10-20

11-19-2012, 02:49 PM
One thing that I've noticed when I'm perusing the Auction House is that, if you're below level 10 or above level 19, there's all sorts of tasty loot that is either entirely unbound or Bound on Equip. However, if you're in the 11-19 range, there seems to be only ROG loot (otherwise known as "****").

I've noticed that, in the latest content, chests within the quests can drop the same loot that can also drop from the end rewards, except that the in-chest loot is BoE and the end rewards, even if it is the exact same item, is BtC. Yes, the choices are much broader when it comes to the end rewards, but you at least have some chance of getting the item you want/need- or want/need to sell!- from within the individual quests themselves. As you might can guess, I'm a fan of this loot mechanic.

My only question is why Turbine doesn't expand that to lower level quests as well. Perhaps the Sora Kell items might be a good candidate for this: unbound in the in-quest chests, bound on the end rewards list. I'm sure there are plenty of others that players can come up with.