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this build is not for those who "occasionally find themselves contemplating the mysteries of life"eh?, or for those who"occasionally find themselves looking over their shoulder" or "become filled with the urge to bark orders to your fellows in combat"and especially not the treehuggers that "gaze at the stars and get sentimental around mistletoe". when you become the grandmaster of the dryhump you abandon all previous and "balanced" lives to become a lone wolf zerging, self healing, high ac and all in unbelievably baddass Hi-def winter wolf animations. NOTE: this is an EPIC build and requires the epic destiny pack for 100% wolfbadassery" NOTE,NOTE: this post doesn't come with much gear info will be added later on...
Race Selected: Male Half-Elf (perfect race because of heal amps, human versatility and rouge dilly)
Alignment Selected: Lawful Neutral
Class Selected: Monk (Monk 1)
Abilities Raised: STR: 16, DEX: 14, CON: 15, INT: 10, WIS: 16 "for stats as 36 point the last 4 points after str and wis are 16 and dex and con at 14 can go wherever you want, 15 con and 10 int is just something i chose" "for any non trs 32 point builds might wanna try something else gear is kinda key here build requires all level ups into wis or str with a 16 point base are key, and making wis or str higher then 16 should not be needed or taken. 16+5+3 = 24 base wisdom or strength for VORPAL FISTS or OVERWHELMING CRITICAL "which does work in animal form" + 3 tomes are needed for wis or str and just nice to have for other attributes" VORPAL FIST and OVERWHELMING CRITICAL reqire a base 23 of wisdom for vorpal fists or 23 str for overwhelming critical. personally i went with vorpal fist just making it clear that there are other options and each fare just ass well
Feats Selected: Toughness, Half-Elf Dilettante (Rogue), Stunning Fist

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 2)
Feats Selected: Power ATTACK

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 3)
Feats Selected: Past Life (Disciple of the Fist), Path of Inevitable Dominion " if pastlife is not available for you, take stunning blow here"
Tomes Applied: STR: +1, DEX: +1, CON: +1, INT: +1, WIS: +1, CHA: +1

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 4) "after the 4 monk take the next 8 levels in druid for winter wolf form"
Abilities Raised: WIS: 18 all level ups in wisdom!

Class Selected: Druid (Monk 4 / Druid 1)

Class Selected: Druid (Monk 4 / Druid 2) "baby wolf form nothing special 30% attack speed 1d6 sneakattack and allow use of wolf combat tactical spells I.E. take down & baitingbite"
Feats Selected: Cleave

Class Selected: Druid (Monk 4 / Druid 3)
Tomes Applied: STR: +2, DEX: +2, CON: +2, INT: +2, WIS: +2, CHA: +2

Class Selected: Druid (Druid 4 / Monk 4)
Abilities Raised: WIS: 20

Class Selected: Druid (Druid 5 / Monk 4)
Feats Selected: Great Cleave

Class Selected: Druid (Druid 6 / Monk 4)can take nature warriors prestige 2d6 sneakattack in wolf form and 1d6 dmg on mobs with less then 50% hp

Class Selected: Druid (Druid 7 / Monk 4)
Tomes Applied: STR: +3, DEX: +3, CON: +3, INT: +3, WIS: +3, CHA: +3

Class Selected: Druid (Druid 8 / Monk 4)
Abilities Raised: WIS: 21
Feats Selected: Improved Critical (Bludgeoning) "very sexy in wolf form 17-20x3 crit range with x3 threat weapon dice changes from 1d6 to 1d10 which is HUGE and will explain when we get to the epic levels 3d6 sneakattack"

Class Selected: Monk (Druid 8 / Monk 5)

Class Selected: Monk (Druid 8 / Monk 6)
Feats Selected: Dodge needed for ninja spy 1 do not forget

Class Selected: Monk (Druid 8 / Monk 7)
Feats Selected: Stunning Blow " if stunning blow was taken on level 3 due to lack of monk past lives i suggest empower heal,toughness,imp sunder,+2% dodge mobility , +2RF saves lighting reflexes "reflex save is kinda low might help a little""

Class Selected: Monk (Druid 8 / Monk 8)
Abilities Raised: WIS: 23

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 9 / Druid 8)

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 10 / Druid 8)
Feats Selected: Past Life (Sneak of Shadows) if not applicable, i suggest empower heal,toughness,imp sunder,+2% mobility, take spring attack if applicable for a total of +4% dodge, +2RF saves lighting reflexes "reflex save is kinda low might help a little"
Class Selected: Monk (Monk 11 / Druid 8)

Class Selected: Monk (Monk 12 / Druid 8)
Abilities Raised: WIS: 24
Human Versatility I, Improved Jump I, Improved Tumble I, Human Improved Recovery I, Way of the Patient Tortoise I, Druid Toughness I, Racial Toughness I, Monk Wisdom I, Druid Toughness II, Improved Tumble II, Improved Jump II, Human Versatility II, Human Adaptability Strength I, Racial Toughness II, Way of the Patient Tortoise II, Improved Rogue Dilettante I, Porous Soul, Static Charge, Human Versatility III, Adept of Wind, Winters Touch, Monk Ninja Spy I, Monk Improved Recovery I, All-Consuming Flame, Master of Thunder, Druid Vengeful Hunter I, Druid Beastial Nature I, Human Greater Adaptability Constitution I, Touch of Death, Druid Strength I, Druid Shifting Rake I, Druid Natures Warrior I, Monk Ninja Spy II, Improved Rogue Dilettante II, Adept of Rock, Master of Stone, Fists of Iron,Human Versatility IV
--------------EPIC LEVELS--------------
the stance for this build is the "player" choice the stances are based on the epic destiny and twists chosen. my "opinion" is wind + earth trading on an off depending on the situation
EPIC FEAT: VORPAL FISTS " better yet vorpal claws will make all your attacks Vorpal. even when using tactical combat spells or feats they all have a chance to produce a vorpal effect when a 20 is rolled. "put it on the hot key and don't forget to activate its a great addition to you owning the kill count" "also if your not too big off a fan of vorpal effects take overwhelming critical

EPIC LEVEL 22 ......skills and saves


EPIC FEAT: IMPROVED MARTIAL ARTS extra +1w when unarmed and .5 when using ki weapons
---------------WHY YOU NEED WOLF FORM----------------


------endgame attributes------
STR:29+ 2 ship +2 RAMS+5 primal scream =38 most of the time "and other eliteist bouses oohh yugo-titain-rage-madstone
DEX:24+ or - 2 wind or earth stance
CON:28 + or - 2 earth or wind stance +5 primal scream
INT:13-2 wolf form
WIS:34 +2 ship +2 ACUTE INSTINCTS =36 + 2= 38 with some type of rage on you "requires fury of the wild"
-----HITPOINT------- calculating at level 20 not 24 cant calculate due to tr
542 + 100 from fury of the wild
642 - or + 20 wind or earth stance

fort 30-33 earth stance
reflex 25-27 wind stance
will 34 - 1 bestial nature I

cant calculate due to recent tr, but was around 75 in earth and 66 in wind + 20% blurr,+25% incorporeal shadowfade, dodge 16%. hard to hit

-------WEAPON CHOICES-------
for leveling as a wolf any of these ki weapons staffs, short swords, Kama,hand wraps, and even that GS lit2 shriken you made for kicks when place in your MAIN hand while in animal form it is considered an "UNARMED" weapon and the "treasures" or effects procs enhancement bonus and all will be taken and used as slashing/piercing dmg with 1d10 as its weapons dice, even allows moves like touch of death and stunning fist to be used while not wearing handwraps essentially breaking the rules of needing to be unarmed to use such feats who needs lit 2 handwraps when you have a lit 2 shriken in your main hand as your weapon and a cutthroat in you offhand increasing you doublestike by 6% along with holy burst from you holy burst rings who could ask for more.
as for end game handwraps above level 20 gain an additional +1W so you might want to grab some hand wrap at that time. i suggest the tire 3 cannith hand wraps air,air,air. but if you like me and have everything but 3 martial power cells to finish such an epic creation then grave wrappings, are the thing for you
boss beaters min2 shortsword or add silver or whatever on a epic cutthroat and sue with holy burst rings epic souleater staff makes a great hp leech item for tanking.

in wolf form for sneak attack totals to a monstrous 9d6 "10d6 on mobs with less then 50% hp" <<(what 20 levels of rouge would give without cap or assassin prestige) 3d6 monk + 3d6 rouge dill +2d6wolf form + 1d6 nature warrior along with 1d6 situational = 9d6 "10d6" along with tharnes goggles and manslayer ring makes a nice 9d6+24) + 12 from sneak of shadows.

---------DPS-------- calculated as per an attack animation
weapion dice 1d10 as (winterwolf) x 7.5" highest possible is 11.5 on baiting bite" weapons multi, +1.5w from monk, +1w from lvl 20 handwraps, +1.5w from a dance of flowers "grandmaster of flowers twist"+1 from improved martial arts, +.5 improved power attack "legendary dreadnought twist",= 7.5{1D10}17-20x3 or x4 on 19-20 rolls in earth and x5 if overwhelming crit is taken instead of vorpalfists

38 str +14+3"monk pl"+6 handwraps,+5powattack,+10 random dmg buff from fury of the wild, +3magical fang +2 ship+ 2 rams might, =45 slash,pierce dmg. + situational 2d20 untyped dmg from sense of weakness "fury of the wildehancement"

stunning fist: 10+10"wraps"+12+14+1"pastlife"+5"combat belt"+6"legendary tactics"= 60 stunning fist 80% in epic elite you will stun everything

stunning blow: 10+10+14+1+5+6=48 meh... works ok, wish i had 2 more fighter past lives =/
+80% dmg on helpless with sense of weakness "fury of the wild enhancement"

---------total--------- 52.5 is a roll of 1 on weapon dice, 120 is roll of 10 on weapon dice
1D---10 1D----10 1D----10
physical dmg range 52.5-120 damage range on crits +8 seeker [60.5-128]x3, [181-384] on 17-20 crits

if stunned dps!!!!" and with 2 stunning attacks they better be. physical damage is around these numbers {52.5x1.8} {120x1.8} [94.5-216]"per regular attack while stunned"x3 17-20 {181x1.8} {384x1.8} [326-691.2]dmg on 17-20 crit on stunned enemy

baiting bite and adrenaline overload....!!"unnecessary boasting" baiting bite +4w ((11.5(1d10))+45)x4)"adrenaline overload" (fury of the wild perk) x3 17-20 [56.5-160]x3 17-20 "normal baiting bite attack" [226-640] with adrenaline overload [193.5-504] bating bite crit... gullp..... with adrenaline as crit [687-1920] "baiting bite crit with adrenaline" stun skiping to crit 687x1.8 [1236.6-3456] baiting bite crit on stuned
all of that except the situational baiting bit with adrenaline along with 9d6 sneakattack per an attack.

been working on this in word for a while post and comment, any questions or suggestions

11-17-2012, 07:09 AM
Looks pretty solid.

I'd recommend taking Precision somewhere. It will end up giving you more damage than Power Attack in most cases due to Sneak Attack and Crits being a huge factor in the DPS of these builds.

I would also reconsider Vorpal Attacks. I did some comparisions a while back and everything pointed towards Improved Martial Arts + Overwhelming Critical being the optimum combination of Epic Feats for this split.

You might want Maximize as well, to further leverage the potential spell DPS this build can contribute (especially with FotW upping your caster levels).

Finally, I'd recommend looking into the 9 Monk/9 Druid/2 Fighter split if you're interested in comparing your build with other competetive Wolf-Monk DPS concepts. I started out with a 12/8 split idea too when I started thinking about these hybrids. However, I have since then converted to the 9/9/2 camp. When you crunch the numbers, it's hard for the benefits of Monk 12 to compete with the 18% extra Doublestrike you get from 3x Natural Fighting (unlocked by Druid 9). The 9/9/2 seems to edge the 12/8 in terms of DPS while also giving access to level 5 Druid spells, which I think is nice.

There is a lot of discussion about these things in this (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=393739) thread, if you're interested.