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10-23-2012, 11:17 AM
This suggestion stems from a discussion I was having in another thread, where I mentioned that I keep a written list of things that each of my toons needs to do, such as flagging for VoN, upgrading a greensteel item to tier 3, or getting the level 16 version of Bracers of Wind before I actually get to level 16. Someone else said they thought this was a good idea and they were going to start keeping notes as well, and then I thought...........

....wouldn't it be nice if we could do this in game on each toon? Just a simple tab that could be added to the character sheet or maybe the adventure journal with NOTES as a title. Under that would be just a big blank area to type any notes we saw fit to fill the empty space with.

What do ya think?

10-23-2012, 02:31 PM
An ancient and always good idea.

A quick look in-game shows a lot of players having notes cluttering their bios from lack of a better option.
The text box of the bio is good enough, it can be a similar tab next to the bio.

If adding a new database entry for this is not doable, then add a code tag to split the bio.
The bio would stop showing anything after the tab.
That's still just a temporary solution since the text box is not large enough for all your notes.

The natural solution is to use myddo in the in-game browser.
Unfortunately wordpress isn't up to the task on this, i blame it for all the problems with myddo.
Mind i have tried, the buggy thing failed to add a note under a given toon nor was able to make it private.

Having to do two more clicks to go to an external website isn't good enough and beyond the scope of having in-game notes.
And even then myddo bugs often in a way your menu with links fail to show (the whole template breaks).

The guild system also can use these quick notes.
Note it's "quick notes", since otherwise it deserves the link to a full blown guild website.
Ofc this is something that could be done with myddo if it were usable.

Now if you could override your in-game browser homepage it'd be an instant solution.
But for the sake of having quick per toon notes the discussion and suggestions should go on.