View Full Version : Adventure Journal: sort quests by access

10-14-2012, 09:13 PM
I like that you can sort out your quests by level, to find ones that are appropriate, eg, when you level up. What I dont like is that it doesnt distinguish between ones you can actually run or not...

I understand that having the quests listed anyway is effectively advertising them, so I wont ask that it HIDE quests you cant access...but it would be nice if the journal at least highlighted/bolded/etc the quests you CAN access.

Its frustrating having to go to a third party website in another window to parse the quest log and find out which ones actually belong to the packs I have.

Also, please add a field to the quest info saying which precise zone the questgiver is in - ie, Anvilfire Inn (House Deneith). Again, very frustrating to have to research the Internet to find out where I have to go in-game

Unless I'm stupid and I dont realize either of these features are already in-game...:)