View Full Version : seperate Enhancements and Racial Enhancements

10-13-2012, 06:08 AM
I really think that enhancements should get split into 2, into racial points,, and enhancement points.

You gain enhancement points like normal, and get the same amount at the end as we do normally.

You gain racial points at for instance, at level 1,5,10,15,20,25 possibly.

You can only put your racial points into racial skills section, you get enough to fill one whole line of skills if you go for one whole line.

You can put your enhancement points, into enhancements themselves, but also you can put them in racial if you wanted to be more racial.

It just seems wrong that for epic level 25 characters, that so many builds can not be racial with how enhancement points need to be spent.
at level 25 dwarves should be more dwarfy, halflings be more halfling etc etc, but without being a burden on being a particular class or build.

10-13-2012, 06:46 AM
I take it you have not been following the enhancement overhaul discussion at all. Last I heard, the plan is to rework the entire enhancement system to be more similar to the epic destiny system in function, with each class having three enhancement "trees", one based on each PrE. This means that all of the PrE should finally be finished. They also mentioned that they will be implementing a racial tree as well, with possible racial PrE's. The plan, so far as I know, is to have each character get access to their racial PrE tree, as well as any three of the class PrE trees that they qualify for based on class levels. So for example, a half orc 18barb/2fighter would have access to the half orc tree, and then any three of the barbarian and fighter trees that he/she wanted. The details are still very fuzzy at the moment, but if you look over at the lamma boards, there are a few threads about some of the new monk and rogue enhancements, with actual dev comments on them.