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09-29-2012, 04:43 PM
So, I'm fairly new to the game, with only a couple weeks experience, and I have some questions. Namely, what the heck do I do after Korthos Island?
The questline seemed to be pretty straightforward, and I wouldn't have been able to lose track of what I was doing...

Then I get to Stormreach, with no explanation, no idea what to do, and still not great at the game... So, what happens next?

Where can i pick up my next questline, and what should I focus on next?

I've only been playing for a couple weeks, but seeing as how i already loved the game, I picked up the druid class, and it's pretty fun. I like being able to heal, buff, and being able to summon allies to help fight, so it seemed the perfect class for me, even if i don't specialize specifically in casting, melee, or summoning.

Anyways, I would really like some ideas as to what I should do now... I usually run solo or with 1 friend, but I would definitely be interested in getting into larger lobbies if possible.

I'll let some more experienced people lay down some advice and I'll check back periodically... Thanks in advance!

09-29-2012, 04:59 PM
Next obvious questline is waterworks.Then, get to know the houses in stormreach by doing the harbor quests for them.

Harbor is the point where the game storyline stops being a linked list and begins to look more like a tree structure.

09-29-2012, 05:19 PM
Find the tavern where you bind in Storm reach for the first time. There's two quests in there, Information is the Key, and one for the silverflame (forget the name). After those two take the ramp up from the quest info is the key and there's a whole bunch of level 2-3 quests in a circle do all of them. After most low levels quests have been completed in the Harbor move on to Water works, and after hit up the Marketplace for higher level quests.

09-29-2012, 05:30 PM
Just open your map and look for the chalices, yellow X's and red exclamation marks which represent further opportunities for questing.

If you haven't already, also check out your Adventure Compendium (green book in the main menu) which will tell you all the quests slightly above your level and below. From there you can double click to get more information.

Many of the quests are one-shot storylines, although after a while you will begin to see some interconnections between some of them. There is not 'one' storyline to follow, although the Truthful One storyline probably has the longest thread.

Wiki is the best place to go for more information.

There is also something called the 'Campaign System' which I have never used but supposedly guides you through quests in the current zone. Might want to research that one a bit.

09-29-2012, 05:34 PM
See that little map on your screen? Click the compass rose in the corner. This opens up your mini-map. You can move around where you are looking by clicking and dragging the map. You can "mark" a location on the map by clicking on it. That will give you an arrow to follow to find that location. Look for gold chalices. These are quest givers. Look for green tankards, these are taverns. Always a good place to look for questgivers. Do try to do the lower level quests first. These are easier. There are several solo quests in harbor.

While on your exploration of harbor, you will see a gate on your right just as you cross the big bridge. This leads to the marketplace. There are trainers, vendors, brokers, and more quests there. Go exploring. Those brokers are a good source of low level equipment at times. The vendors(especially the potion vendor) are a good place to get necessary supplies.

As you explore the marketplace, you will see many other gates. I would suggest you avoid Searing Heights, but otherwise, go into them. Look for copper coins(vendors) and blue coins(brokers). Go see what they offer.

I spent most of a day getting my bearings when I started playing. It was invaluable information to know where things were.

Most of all, welcome! Glad to see new faces! Don't let the doomsayers on the forums get you down. There are a LOT of people who do not read, much less post on the forums that have loads of fun playing this game.

09-29-2012, 05:36 PM
From Korthos you move to the Harbor of Stormreach.

The storyline at that point broadens, in general, to be about you as a mercenary looking for trouble :)
Stormreach sits on a remote/dangerous/innaccesible so there's plenty of that work for us.
(so much that it's hard to even get there and ships crashing is a fairly common occurrence)

The city exist more or less because the land of Xen'drik is rich on minerals (the dragonshards).
But they chose to build on top of older ancient ruins 'to plug the hole' and thus is kind of a pressure pot.
They city have to fend off monster incursions on a daily occurence, and is full of kobolds under the streets.
Take a walk around all the city wards to know where things are, and soon enough you'll be on the roads outside.

09-29-2012, 05:47 PM
This is a perfect time to familiarize yourself with DDO's awesome grouping system!

Hit the "O" key in game, or open up the "social" window from the in-game menu. Voila, the first thing you see should be the grouping tab of the social window, listing all the open groups looking for people to join them for some questing!

You can now see quests looking for new people, you can see what quest they are running/planning to run, the level range they're looking for, and the classes they're seeking. You can also see the comments they have, which are usually a good way to know whether or not you want to join that group.

As you are new to the harbor, I would avoid joining any group that is planning on running quests on elite. As these quests are relatively easy for super overgeared characters who have run these quests so much they could do it with their eyes closed, you will not get much of an experience from these quests aside from holding down W just to try to keep the TRs in visual range as they tear through the dungeon. Also avoid comments with things like: Zerg, BB, IP, BYOH, vets/trs only. these aren't inherently bad or meanspirited people, but they will often have a very different playstyle than a newer player.

However, there are usually new-player friendly groups out there too. Any group running quests on Normal will usually accept new players and take a (relatively) slower pace. And don't be afraid to say "hey, I'm new" and ask a few questions, like "Where do i pick up this quest/where is the quest itself?" and "is there anything i should know, or should do/not do in this quest?". Show initiative and responsibility for yourself, and groups will love you.

As to the specifics of where to go next... its all around you! The harbor is a great zone, with a ton of fairly quick quests. There is not "Chain" in the sense of Korthos, each quest is self-contained, with the exception of the Baudry chain and Waterworks (Which is well worth running, but I'd save it for a couple levels since it starts at level 3 and ends at level 4!).

Every quest in the harbor is worth running, but the most popular ones tend to be: Kobolds new Ringleader, Information is Key, Butchers Path, Durk's got a Secret, Garrisons Missing Pack and the Waterworks chain. But go ahead and talk to everyone with a chalice over their head and get exploring :D

Hot tip - Your adventure compedium lists every quest in the game by level. You can open that up, scroll down, and use it as sort of a checklist of qhich quests you have done at a particular level range, and which you have left to do! the only downside to this is the comendium does not differentiate between free quests/adventure packs you own and paid quests that you do not own. You can always ask advice chat if you'r eunsure whether a quest is free, or how to find a particular quest on the list :D

09-29-2012, 06:01 PM
Thanks a lot to everyone. Most of these responses made a difference for me, and I can definitely say I feel relieved that I'm not just an idiot about finding a new questline. So far, finding a party to group with has been a small challenge, but I think I can make do, thanks again guys!

09-29-2012, 07:52 PM
Thanks a lot to everyone. Most of these responses made a difference for me, and I can definitely say I feel relieved that I'm not just an idiot about finding a new questline. So far, finding a party to group with has been a small challenge, but I think I can make do, thanks again guys!

I presume you are on Khyber which suffers from two issues - one: tons of new players, many from other games being a combination of lost and rude (when compared to the player base in DDO). This is because it is the default drop-off server for all new players. Two: epeen swinging khyber residents who are too uber for their shirts. Create your own group - make a comment/note in it like _TOTALLY NEW_ or something similar - there are LOTS in your predicament.

When you're done getting a feel for the game, do like a huge number of us have done and appreciated - get off Khyber - check out the Server forums topic to get a feel for the "personalities" of the other servers.

09-29-2012, 08:03 PM
@Brennie... +1. Good advice and you saved me some typing...

09-29-2012, 09:53 PM
A few other tips that will hopefully help:

Pick up the free gem / ingredient / collectable bags. You visit somebody in the "12" area (entrance is in the stormreach marketplace) to get a free ingredients bag that's large enough to hold quite a bit of crafting materials (essences and deconstruction materials, at least).

Make a note to buy a medium-sized collectables bag in House Phiarlan, when you have the cash -- which you can generate by selling on the AH the more desired collectables that you find, while adventuring.

Get to 75 favor with the Coin Lords when you can (aim for about level 4ish), so that you earn an extra inventory slot in your backpack.

All of these suggestions help to mitigate the storage capacity pinch that you begin to feel after arriving in harbor, so that you spend more time having fun, and less time dumping items and/or running back and forth to vendors and collectors.

One caveat about just going and taking on all missions you find in the harbor and marketplace; some dungeons are labeled "Extreme Challenge" dungeons. You might want to give those a "pass" until you over-level them, and even then expect your first run-through to be time consuming, or to fail entirely. Experienced players often have good enough gear and knowledge to blow through them at level, but for new players those "extreme challenge" dungeons are exactly what they say they are.

There's plenty to do, and good luck with your druid. :)