View Full Version : Suggestion for raid loot

09-29-2012, 06:12 AM
Pretty simple, seeing there's hardly any decent loot for clerics and fvs (bards and druids too when they realize they can heal) How about the next time you add a raid that's an utter pain in the arse for the healer (vod, citw anyone?) try to put something shiny that almost every healer wants.

Now what is it that every healer wants you say? Here it is - A ring!

Add a ring with devotion 108 or something. Since you killed off ardor clickies you've been forcing healers to wear a subpar crafted devotion ring or use up a weapon slot in order to put out decent heals. Throw in some other shiny stats like... I don't know wis/cha +7 (nothing too fancy) and maybe an ardor clicky. Perhaps an efficient empower heal as well.

I promise you, the healer community would love you.

09-29-2012, 08:12 AM
They exist as ingame loot drop. For example i searched the Auction house for what you asked and there is a "Devotion Ring of Eloquence +11" with +90 equip bonus (ML21). So your 108+ spell power likely exists as a higher min level its just rare. The clickies being changed to a different bonus makes sense.