View Full Version : Epic Destiny (or an elegant "fix")

09-24-2012, 01:03 PM
Now that I have really had some real world experience using and playing with the Epic Destinies, I'd like to share a few thoughts.

Firstly, I think they are really fun! Being that this is a game that I highly enjoy, my hats are off to the entire development team. Nicely done (Fury of the Wild is so fun for my TWF Ranger type toon!!!).

With that said, I'd like to make a suggestion that I believe would greatly enhance the usability of the Destinies. Before I continue, let me preface that this perspective is from someone who has a fairly limited amount of DDO play time each week. Trying to balance family, work, and entertainment is simply a difficult task (my wife let's me know when I am too far out of balance thankfully!).

Essentially, I think there are two missing "lines" in the Destiny Tree. If the "caster" sphere had a "line" to the other two spheres, that would make a lot more sense (philosophically and play-wise).

Philosophically, I'm looking particularly at the clerics and druids who would seem to have a much closer affinity to that bottom sphere. Play-wise, this would also allow folks who are more limited to advance and Twist in some interesting and helpful effects for their characters.

Now, it has been told to me that Turbine simply wants to "make people buy TP's" to advance in the spheres. However, I don't completely agree with that under these circumstances. I simply don't see that the more casual folks will spend more money (I know I have spent plenty already - and happily by the way) to grind thru the spheres. This is especially true since you could end up losing out on having your favorite sphere active for most of the life of your toon.

For those that do like to grind thru (and really enjoy that), you would still have to do this! I am not even convinced this would short too many sales for Turbine while making a fairly large population quite happy with their Epic Destiny purchase.

The Specifics:
Hook-up a line from Exalted Angel to either Draconic or Magister. Then, rotate Shiradi and Fury of the Wild (why isn't Fury already adjacent to Dreadnought?). Finish by hooking up a line from Shiradi to either Draconic or Magister. I'm unsure of what makes the most sense (Draconic or Magister) to be adjacent to Angel and Shiradi.

Real World Experience:
I have a 12Ranger/4Rogue/4Fighter that I have been planning on TR'ing (my second TR ever - my first is in the long grind at level 16) since before MotU into an 18Arti/2Monk. I am glad that I waited as I was able to make his active sphere be Shiradi. However, that leaves my other Arti's out in the cold when they eventually get to 20 as they will never get to Shiradi in the current setup (and I do mean never sadly enough).

My Cleric is my main toon and one of my very first toons. He is a 28pt build who now has 2800+ favor. I chose Exalted Angel and even twisted in the extra Turn attempts from Undying Sentinel. However, if I would like to enhance his casting ability (I would), I'd have to grind through some extremely unusable spheres in order to get there. My cleric doesn't fight (and hasn't since around level 12 - the second cap!) as he isn't effective. He does keep people healthy and adventuring in my guild though and I love playing him. Nerfing his casting for the rest of his Epic life in order to get around to the "caster" sphere simply doesn't make sense.

Thanks for reading. If anyone has any other insights that I may have missed, please share. Any idea on how to have a Dev read this would also be awesome as I would like to hear their thoughts (I do not begrudge the money making, but please keep it realistically playable).