View Full Version : Ice Flowers spell

09-24-2012, 06:52 AM
The Ice Flowers spell is nice spell for 5th spell level (as is in PnP version). This spell is practically identical ice/pierce variant of Flame Strike spell (the same amount damage, mana, area, cast-effect delay).

Regrettably in DDO Ice Flowers spell has been from 5th spell level (PnP version) to 8th spell level without any boost. Contrarily a disadvantage has been added (need valid form).

This spell need boost. We have another spell comparison on similar level. It is 7th spell level spell Fire Storm. It have not damage cap and is no save.

Or make this spell water elementals Spell like ability, if you will adding some spell like abilities to druid elemental forms as is suggested in another several post.

There are not any other instant cold area druid spell, which can druid in water elemental form freely use (Quench works only on fiery enemies and Cold Breath is usable only in wolf form), so it is important spell for druid in water elemental form. Fire elemental form have much more widely fire spell selection.